5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index
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Author:  iceman [ Sun May 10, 2009 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

The scare of rain did not keep away the determined Heads Up crowd to kick off Englishtown's Index Season opener.

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11.50 Index

Qualifying showed us early on that this group of racers was dialed in and we would be seeing some good races tonight. 7 of the 10 racers in this class were within 7 hundreths of the Index. #1 Qualifier was Rob Pecyo, dead on with an 8.

Round 1
First matchup brought us Rob Farley in his Vette vs. Bruce Katz and his bad lookin '04 GTO. Tough break for Katz as he goes red by .003, Farley lays down an 11.55 pass which should do him right for the rest of the night. Next up were Ellis Gray vs. #1 Qualifier Rob Pecyo. Pecyo left all kinds of late and also broke out, giving Gray the upset win over the #1 car. Next pair was Eric Fischer in his '01 Vette vs. Jim Ricchezza's clean looking Orange 88 Stang. Fischer's 11.58 e/t with a .086 light would do the trick over Jim's 11.612 pass. In the next pair, Gary Hillen goes red by .052 against Shawn Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh caught a break as he ran an 11.388, way too fast if he wants to continue to go rounds. Last up for Round 1 was Jim Maher in his Blue Monte, vs. Shay LaScalla and his 99 vette. Maher caught LaScalla sleeping to get the holeshot win, his 11.618 was good against LaScalla's 11.534 pass due to LaScalla putting up a .344 light.

Round 2
Our first pair brought up two Vette's, Rob Farley inches closer to the number putting up an 11.528 against Eric Fischer's 11.514 pass. Farley takes the holeshot win, his .076 light up against Fischer's .121. Next up, Shawn Cavanaugh was up and we would see if he was able to slow down and avoid another breakout. He did just that, running an 11.608 with a .053 light, against Jim Maher's breakout 11.494 and .242 light. Finishing up the round was Ellis Gray taking a single, but no coasting for him -- running an 11.433, he'll have to find the middleground between this and his last pass in order to take home a trophy tonight.

Shawn Cavanaugh lays down a solid pass of 11.555 against Ellis Gray's 11.591 to put him in the finals. Rob Farley takes his single but runs it hard, putting down an 11.482 pass.

The final matchup in the 11.50 Index class brought up two sweet looking Vette's and solid racers, Shawn Cavanaugh vs. Rob Farley. Both racers broke out on this pass, but Cavanaugh was closer to the Index running a 11.481 w/ an .033 light to take the win. Farley put up a 11.460 w/ an .073 light.

11.50 Index Qualifying Sheet
11.50 Index Elimination Results

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10.0 Index

The 10.0 Index class in our area is full of seasoned vets that do not fool around when it comes to Index racing. Tonight was no exception with 7 familiar faces rolling in the lanes and giving us all a night of exciting races to watch. It was no surprise to see Roy Williams at the top of the qualifier list, earning the spot with a 10.036.

Round 1

Our first matchup brought about an awesome side by side race! Mike Beck vs. Paul Lattaruco. Beck put up a 10.017 pass which would do the trick against Paul's 10.037 time. Next up was another sweet matchup, Mike Romeo (who has not missed a final round in any 10.0 Index race yet this year) and #1 qualifier Roy Williams in his purple machine. Roy went a little bit too fast after taking a small coffee break at the tree, breaking out with a 9.922 against Mike's 10.07 pass. To finish off the round was Carey Cable and Rob D'Apolito. Carey stayed away from the red this time :) and his 10.480 pass would do the trick against Rob's 10.588 pass. Carey better find a little speed if he wants to beat either Beck or Romeo in the next round.


Continuing with the side-by-side action, Mike Beck and Carey Cable had one hell of a race. Mike was dead on with a 3 and a .055 light, even Carey's 10.007 pass could not touch that kind of run. Mike Romeo took the single, but still ran it out and put up a 10.077 pass.

Mike Beck vs. Mike Romeo -- this was going to be a damn good matchup against two racers who play the game! Beck got Romeo at the tree, a .046 light against a .076 light. Both racers make it to the stripe too fast, but Beck does it 8 thousandths slower than Romeo and takes home the win. Check out the in-car video of Romeo's pass by clicking here(and don't give him too much crap for being mad at not seeing the win light) :)

10.0 Index Qualifying Sheet
10.0 Index Elimination Results

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8.50 Index
14 of the heavy hitters in the ever-growing 8.50 Index class made it out tonight, most if not all of them here for the night and racing in tomorrow's Race for Jenna. A previous winner, Jason Penna, set the stage in qualifying with a 8.503 pass. Right on his coat tails was the always dangerous TJ Kasper, with an 8.505 pass.

Round 1
The Kid pulled up to the line against Wiso Melendez. Wiso did something that dropped everyone's jaws, he treed the hell out of the kid with an .001 light against TJ's .079. TJ made up the deficit and put up a 8.547 pass which was good to go against Wiso's 8.740. Next up, Gary Romonoyske took a holeshot win against Michael Conway, his .074 light doing the trick against Conway's .121. The Fonse crew came up to the line next, up against Brian Ferrari's Green Machine. Fonse gets a break as Ferrari goes red by .002 and wastes his 8.519 pass, Junior's Camaro is hurt and he goes a 8.813. Next to the line was Craig Buscio in his bright Orange Nova against Bobby Moran's wild blown Camaro. Both get going but Bobby's car is hurt at the top end, Craig takes the win light putting a 8.574 on the board. Craig was not happy with that run and was seen wrenching in the pits non-stop til the next round. Two fine looking black rides pulled up to the line next, Rob Poochigian and Tommy Romeo. Rob takes advantage of Tommy's nap and cuts a .049 light, but Tommy made up the deficit and his 8.677 pass was good to move on. Next up, a solid race, Shawn Gallagher takes the win with a 8.742 against Gary Federico's 8.892. To finish the round up, Angelo Valla jumped the beams before the tree was activated, giving #1 qualifier Jason Penna a ride to the next round. Jason still put up a 8.757 pass.

Round 2
First up were the two big families, Fonse and Kasper, friends everywhere but on the starting line. Junior got TJ on the tree by a little bit, but the Camaro was hurt and could not keep up with the kid. TJ lifts at the end to avoid the breakout and puts up a 8.665 pass. Jason Penna was up next, and took the bye to get him to the semi-finals. Craig Buscio and Shawn Gallagher are up next, two dangerous racers. Shawn gets Craig at the tree but Craig makes it up, running a 8.542 against Shawn's 8.584 pass. Finishing out the round was Gary Romonoyske vs. Tommy Romeo. Tommy was having some trouble and Gary's 8.620 pass took him to the semis.

Romonoyske vs. Penna -- Penna's .283 light would put the nail in the coffin for his night, his top end charge and 8.597 pass no good against Gary's 8.676. Our final pair for this round was a matchup we've seen a few times already this season, Craig Buscio vs. TJ Kasper. Craig got TJ at the tree with a .007 light vs. the kid's .040. but Craig's 8.587 would not do it against TJ's 8.551. Margin of victory for TJ: .003 seconds - WOW what a race!!

TJ Kasper vs. Gary Romonoyske. TJ had the advantage for the first time tonight at the tree, although it was a tiny one. His .045 light against Gary's .053, but Gary's 8.605 pass was too far off the Index to take the win light. Team Kasper's hard work during the week paid off and the 8.511 pass put them in the winner's circle yet again.

8.50 Index Qualifying Sheet
8.50 Index Elimination Results

Congrats to all winners from all classes!

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Author:  hrlqnnstang [ Sun May 10, 2009 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Awesome Pix Seth Thanks !!!!

Author:  REDGAR [ Sun May 10, 2009 8:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Thanks Seth. Nice to finally put a face to the name yesterday

Author:  drag-girl [ Mon May 11, 2009 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Thanks Seth for the great pics!

Author:  williams19740 [ Tue May 12, 2009 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Hey Seth,
Nice pics from Friday night. Wished I went farther but sleeping at the tree wont get you there. See you at Atco next week.

Author:  iceman [ Tue May 12, 2009 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

One race done.... 3 to go :(

Author:  noricehere [ Tue May 12, 2009 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Exceptional job Seth !!, I enjoyed the read.

Author:  hrlqnnstang [ Tue May 12, 2009 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Nice Coverage !!! We got all are issues sorted out and will be back for revenge on those Vettes in 11.50.

Author:  iceman [ Tue May 12, 2009 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

hrlqnnstang wrote:
Nice Coverage !!! We got all are issues sorted out and will be back for revenge on those Vettes in 11.50.

Hehe, 11.50 is like revenge of the Vettes :) Nice to see those guys have an opportunity to race with the normal index program, they are all good folks and beat on their cars down the strip as much as possible

Author:  HPdoctor [ Tue May 12, 2009 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 5/8/2009 Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

Awesome job Seth ! We really appreciate the all that you do on the race coverage !

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