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 Post subject: 7/4/2009 Cecil County / Finishline Performance Shootout
PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:54 am 
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Cecil 7/4 Finishline Performance Outlaw Street Car Shootout Picture Gallery - Qualifying and Eliminations sheets are on the last 2 pages of the gallery

Cecil 7/4 Finishline Performance Outlaw Street Car Shootout -- Arnie Cohen Videos

7.50 Index

Image Image Image Image

We had a nice showing of 7.50 Index cars today, as more of the race teams are ready to race. A big treat for the crowd was Kenny Doak testing his big bad blown Pro-Mod in this class. John Schroeder, fresh off a day of testing on Friday, was dead on with a 4 to take the #1 qualifying spot with authority, running 7.50s in BOTH qualifying passes. WOW. Big tire veteran Pete Pace was right behind him in the #2 spot.

Round 1

Steve Willingham double bulbed w/out any boost built, and Mike Thomas got the jump on him. Once Willingham got going, he drove around Thomas and got the win, with a 8.016 @ 188 pass, .641 light. Next up was Kenny Doak who was testing his Pro-Mod, against Pete Pace. Kenny Doak gives the regular 7.50 racer room to get going, then after 2 seconds he takes off. Kenny was all over the place and ended up taking out the eigth mile center markers, while Pace ran an 8.08 for the round win. Lou Thibault took the single run as Marino Cintron did not make the lanes, Lou makes a conservative 8.41 @ 156 pass. Finishing up the round was #1 qualifier John Schroeder, who yet again, runs a 7.50 pass, this time a 7.507 @ 183 w/ a .022 light. He certainly is the man to beat at this stage!

Pete Pace lines up against Lou Thibault's Camaro. Pete was late with a .370 light, but that did not matter as he ran a 7.573 for the win. John Schroeder was up next against Steve Willingham. Steve takes a guess at the tree and goes .116 red, giving John the win light. Schroeder ran it out anyways, another great pass, a 7.546. Blower vs. Nitrous, two 7.50 cars are headed to the finals.

Pete Pace vs. John Schroeder. The cars left with an .006 advantage to Pete Pace. This was a great side-by-side race, both cars going in the 7.50s. Schroeder took it home, a 7.512 @ 184 pass vs. Pace's 7.536 @ 190.

8.50 Index

Image Image Image Image

A small showing on the holiday for the normally packed 8.50 class, but the racers dedicated to getting that attendance bonus were all in the house. Mike Pyott set the tone for 8.50 Index on the very first pass, with an 8.515 pass off the trailer. That was good to go, until Round 2 of qualifying, when the Kid TJ Kasper raised that bar and pulled off an 8.502 pass to steal the #1 spot.

Round 1
Jeff Moyer and Mike Pyott started the 8.50 Eliminations. Moyer was late with a .115 light, and did a great wheelstand which slowed him up a bit. Pyott was gone, didn't look back and ends up breaking out, giving Moyer a pass to round #2. Next up was Joe Timinski and Al Magliocco Jr. Timinski rolls the beams and Jr. takes the advantage, quickly lighting his stage bulbs, giving Timinski the foul and Fonse the win light. TJ Kasper and Joe Madessi line up, TJ with an .009 advantage off the tree. Both the cars lay off at the top end, TJ with the chutes out early and Madessi off the throttle. Kid Kwik goes an 8.555 to win the round vs. Joe's 8.756. Robb Puller finishes up round #1 with a single due to breakage, he runs a few hundred feet out and clicks it off.

TJ Kasper lines up against Al Fonse Jr. TJ shows the fellow lumberjack Al Jr. how it is done, and cuts an .007 light to Al's .056. Al doesn't have the power to drive around TJ, and TJ lays off at just the right moment again for a 8.533 pass and yet another trip to the final round at Cecil. Jeff Moyer and Robb Puller make up the next pairing, Puller puts up just a winning package of 8.636@152 w/ an .064 light to head to the finals against TJ.

TJ Kasper is in another 8.50 Index final, so far this year he is undefeated at Cecil County. Both racers leave with identical reaction times of .068, and are side by side to the stripe. The crowd was going nuts as this race was going on! It was too close to call until the win light came on for Robb Puller, running an 8.550 to TJ's breakout 8.480 pass. Everyone's jaws dropped as someone finally got the Kid, but he is still #1 in the points race. Congrats to Puller for the win!

Outlaw 10.5

Image Image Image Image

A few of the guys in 10.5 were at the Friday track rental, making some great passes and getting their tunes in order for the Saturday points race. Doug Harris was one of those, he was fighting some transmission problems during qualifying and was a little off the previous days' runs. Joe Newsham from J&E Performance was taking his Cobra for some wild rides, hanging the tires for most of the way down the track and getting out of shape. Tom Kasper's Outlaw 10.5 Mustang was hurt, he entered his son's into the 10.5 class to at least take home some points. Mo Hall, fresh off his win from the last race, took the #1 qualifier spot today with a 4.523 @170 pass.

Round 1
Mo Hall lined up next to Mike Bradford. Mike had problems getting going, Mo zooms on down for a 4.515 pass. Joe Newsham takes the single as Dale Collins Jr. had some issues again and did not make the call. Joe takes off, but as the power is brought in he blows the tires off and runs a 5.90 pass. Last up was Tom Kasper vs. Doug Harris' GTO. Noone expected Kasper to go anywhere, but Harris has an oops moment, rolls the beams, and Tommy takes a round #1 win in the Kid's car.

Mo hall has a single in this round, he just blows the tires off as his beast of a car tries to put the power to the ground. Next up were the Jersey boys, Joe Newsham and Tommy Kasper. Tommy was no slouch at the tree, cutting an .010 light, but he had no chance against Joe who zooms on down the track with the front tires hanging, putting a 4.617 on the scoreboards.

Mo Hall is back for his third consecutive final against a Jersey team in a Mustang. Something strange happened though, Mo had some problems and lit the red bulbs by .017. Joe cut a .014 tree and didn't hang around to watch what was going on, he took off with the 10.5 best pass of the day, a (wheels up, again!) 4.495, and a trip to the winner's circle. We saw some smoke at the end of the pass, but later on Joe said something dealing with the oil pump came loose and everything was OK.

Outlaw Drag Radial

Image Image Image Image

A GREAT showing in Drag Radial today! 16 sweet looking door cars with radial tires were in the house, with many a motor combination. Many of the cars were spinning hard and working to get the power to the ground and go A to B. 'Big Daddy' Wayne Gutridge had it going on, and after qualifying was over, took the #1 spot with a 4.855 pass. Not too far behind him, bringing up the #2 and #3 spots were Gary Kramer and Quentin Methany.

Round 1

Chris Crusse lined up against Quentin Methany who is up near the top in points. Methany lost 1st gear in Qualifying and was hoping for the best, but Crusse went A to B and put up a 5.550 pass. Gary Kramer came to the line along with Bill Dutka. Kramer had some problems off the line but put in the power and drove around Dutka, to take the win with a 5.579 @ 147 run. James Marquess got the jump at the line on Tony Gomes, a .153 light to a .215, but Gomes had the power to take the win with a 5.314. Big Daddy Gutridge staged up next against Chris Evans. Wayne had some traction problems and Chris could have taken advantage, but he had problems of his own. Gutridge takes the win light on a 5.592 pass. Craig Walls and Steve Thompson both had good runs as they figured out the setups, but Walls had the power and wins with a 5.113 over Thompson's 5.434. Ev Bernardo gets a single due to breakage, Randy Lambert did not make it to the line. Bernardo goes 5.334@144. Lewis Jones also gets a single as Alex Vrettos broke 1st gear and could not race any more, Jones goes 5.731, shutting it off after a few hundred. Scott Bitzer and Carmen Damiani finished up Round #1, Damiani's car sounding like he could not build any boost. Bitzer's car didn't sound too great either, but he goes a 5.663 and on to the next round.

Round 2
Ev Bernardo had an .028 advantage over Wayne Gutridge, both racers were next to each other then Bernardo lit up the tires and Gutridge drove around him, a 5.241 pass. Chris Crusse came up next against Scott Bitzer. Crusse cut a great light and was ahead the whole way, but something happened near the finish line and Bitzer got past him for the win running a 5.350. Tony Gomes in the Grand Nash was up next against Gary Kramer's Procharged Chevelle. Gomes was moving but was no match against Kramer who made a clean 5.096 pass. Craig Walls did not make the call giving Lewis Jones a ride to the Semis, Jones had some problems and will go back to the pits to work on it.

Gary Kramer vs. Scott Bitzer. Gary Kramer was pushing it, over powers the track and lights up the tires, Bitzer runs a solid 5.125 to head to the finals. Big Daddy cuts a great .033 light vs. Jones' .103, Jones had a slow start and Gutridge was just OUT for a 4.799 pass and on his way to the finals.

Two huge names in the Drag Radial world headed to the beams for what should be an exciting race. Bitzer was a little behind Gutridge's times all day so he would need to turn it up to take the win. He does just that, but blows the tires off and Gutridge says seeeeyaaa, running the day's best 4.793@163 and heads to the tower for the winner's dough.

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