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Author:  iceman [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:38 am ]
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As early as Thursday, planes were arriving and trailers were pulling into town with participants and spectators for the latest installment of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series, presented by Pritchett Brother's Racing and title sponsor of the Atco Raceway event, RacingJunk.com. Fresh off a successful race at Milan Dragway, everyone was itching at the chance to see some exciting heads up racing in our own back yard.

After the sun set on Atco and many teams were done with a test session during the day, we all hit up the PJ Whelihan's in Cherry Hill for a pre-race get together. If you ever have the opportunity to attend, we highly recommend going, as it is invaluable to spend some time with the racers and fans away from the track for once.

We all knew we were in for a good day when we walked outside Friday morning to cool temperatures, and a bright sun in the sky. There would be no high 90 degree temperature and soaring humidity on Saturday, just mid 80's and a perfect day for racing. The pits were packed by 10am with trailers, and fans overlooking the crews as they prepped the race cars for a full day of action.

Atco is known all around the country as a fast track, and as you can see by the pictures and results, it lived up to that reputation on Saturday. Jason from VP was in the house, working with the track officials to lay down an awesome racing surface and also pass on some knowledge to them, that us Atco regulars will definitely be thankful for in the future.

Before we get into the results for each class, we need to take the time to thank Nate, Adam, and the entire Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series staff and sponsors. Adam and Nate go out of their way personally, professionally, and financially, to bring an incredible racing series to the fans and racers. We are honored to be able to cover an organization that is so devoted to the racing community and doing what is best for the racers, whatever the cost may be. Thanks goes out to Pete and Tim from Coast Chassis Design, Pritchett Controls, Joe and Marlene from Holeshot Wheels, Jason from VP Racing Fuels, RacingJunk.com, and countless others for making this race series possible. Also, it goes without saying, a big thank you to the Sways and Atco Raceway staff for bringing this race to our back yard. It was great to see the fans in the stands with their eyes wide open, seeing some of the baddest rides around duking it out on the 1320. Thanks to Scotty G and team for the hospitality provided to the GDR staff, and of course our family over at [url=http://www.fonseperformance.com[/url]Fonse Performance[/url] for dealing with all the 8.50 Racers in their pits, making snow cones.

And how could we forget, thank you to all of the racers !! Thanks for bringing your junk to the track and giving us an awesome race to cover. Without you... we'd have nothing to do!

Jimmy Biggs was in the house shooting video, keep an eye on Bullet Vision for video coverage!

Don't forget that the ONLY place to purchase photos from this race is from Dave Milcarek - Dave has been doing this his whole life, you can get works of art for very fair prices to display to your family and friends. Be sure to visit Dave's galleryto see this race through his lens, and pick up a photo of your ride.

On to business...

Atco Raceway - RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series - Photo Gallery

Street Car Clothing CO. S197 Mustangs

SC1320 Clothing S197 Mustang Shootout Result Sheet

We had a pretty cool class start off our day- the S197 Mustangs. S197 refers to 2005 and later Mustangs, and there were some badass ones on the property! This class was a late edition and brought to us by Street Car Clothing, you can visit them on the web at www.sc1320.com. The class gets put on a ladder based on reaction time during qualifying, and they set a dial-in for first round and do not change it for the remainder of the race. Leaving on a .500 pro tree and not being able to change your dial as the air changes is really tough, gotta hand it to these guys!

Round 1
First round brought us Art Quimby versus Jose Morales. Quimby nailed the tree while Morales was sitting at the tree reading the paper for .321 seconds. Morales drives around him by waaay too much, his 11.361 run on an 11.59 dial was just a bit too fast. Quimby moves along running an 11.952 on an 11.87 dial. Next up was James Moshier and Charlie Cooper. Both take a little over two tenths to get going on the tough tree, Cooper was off his dial but Moshier was not. Moshier goes 11.593 on an 11.54 dial, a great pass. Paul Revaitis has a competition single, he takes a stab at the tree and red lights which is meaningless, he makes a nice 11.239 pass on the 11.17 dial.

Round 2
First up we have James Moshier versus Paul Revaitis. Moshier was darn close to his dial last time, this time not so much as he hits the brakes at the top end to keep from breaking out. He caught Revaitis sitting at the tree, Moshier's 11.717 on 11.54 dial is good to go to the finals. Art Quimby makes an awesome pass on a single, he throws up an .006 light and makes an 11.865 pass on an 11.87 dial -- he's ready for Moshier in the finals!

Art Quimby is going to be tough on this one, if the previous rounds were any indication. He cuts a great light again, an .052 to Moshier's .119. Moshier had the petal to the floor trying to catch up, but was not able to. Quimby has his head in the game and gets on the brakes at the stripe, running a 12.043 to his 11.87 dial, taking home the win for the day.

A&W Performance 8.50 Index

Image Image Image Image

A&W Performance 8.50 Index Qualifying Sheets
A&W Performance 8.50 Index Result Sheets

8.50 Index is an extremely popular class in our area, and we had a great showing of regular faces along with some new ones trying to break in and make a name for themselves, as well as take on the series points leader Mike Pyott and runner-up Luis Martinez. After the first round of qualifying and 22 cars made the attempt, Darren Harris' '67 camaro was at the top of the pack with an 8.508 pass. Craig Cusamano, right on his tails and back on the track after a bad crash last year with an 8.516, and the always dangerous Harry Gerb in #3 spot with an 8.518.

Everyone headed back to the pits after one qualifier, with fresh data in hand and a feel on the track conditions. Scott Shepherd was one of those drivers that made the right moves with his tuneup, coming back in round 2 with an 8.505 pass in his mean looking silver '69 Camaro, to take the 3rd qualifier spot. Mr. Pyott also improved, jumping to #4 right behind SCott with an 8.507. Charles Presinzano slowed 'er down a bit and went from 21st place to #1 qualifier, dead on with an 8.500 pass. Number 11 qualifier on up was in the 8.50s when the field was set, we were sure to see some awesome matchups.

Round 1

We get going with Marty Brown vs. Mike Osullivan, our #2 qualifier. Brown takes off as O'Sullivan reads the paper for .114 seconds, Brown not looking back and breaks out by a ton giving O'Sullivan a win with a well-earned 8.501 pass. Harry Gerb leaves at a .010 disadvantage to Kyle Buonocore, but is able to drive around him and moves on to Round 2 with an 8.672. Marcus Thompson was dead late to Darren Harris, Harris goes 8.535 with a .124 advantage and there was nothing Thompson could do about it. John Bova runs a near perfect 8.505 pass versus Joe Madessi's respectable 8.584. Shawn Gallagher in the "Pink Panther" '79 Mustang takes the win over the veteran Mark Bowen, who spun off the hit. In a big upset, Joe Timinski figured out his tune and got the reaction time advantage over #3 qualifier Scott Shepherd. Timinski gets the holeshot win with his .037 light to Scott's .077, and Joe's 8.577 pass is good enough to move on. Al Davidowski flies down on the track then gets on the brakes as Jerry Sturgill gets behind, Davidowski 8.587 for the win. Al Fonse Jr. in the naturally aspirated Camaro was up next against Franky Santos. Fonse left first as he usually does this season, a .049 light to Santos' .096. They both run identical 8.642 with the advantage barely to Fonse - he's going to think twice next time about almost giving up the stripe! Luis Martinez was dead late when the tree dropped against Rob Poochigian, lucky for him Rob is still working out the issues with his new setup and spun at the hit. Luis is on to round #2, trying to gain on Pyott in points. Pyott rolls in next and trees the heck out of Mike Gwynn, a .033 reaction time to .188. We all had flashbacks of 2008 "Breakout Pyott" as he motored on down the track with no brake lights showing, he played with fire but ran a near perfect 8.501 elapsed time, and shut up all of the talkers in the meantime! Craig Cusamano and Charles Presinzano both had singles due to breakage.

Round 2

Joe Timinski was up first against Al Davidowski. Davidowski's ride is bad ass looking, but his reaction time was not. Timinski cuts a .013 light and Davidowski had no chance against Timinski's 8.541. Mike O'Sullivan goes .006 red against Darren Harris - Harris takes his time leaving, but runs an awesome 8.509. Harry Gerb and John Bova leave on the next pass at almost hte same instant, but Gerb the 8.50 Veteran runs an 8.507 which Bova's 8.567 would not hold up against. The next pair pulling into the lines had huge implications to the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series 8.50 Index points race - #2 Luis Martinez versus #1 Mike Pyott. Luis gets the jump on Pyott by .009 seconds, Pyott goes to drive around him and almost does - luckily he did not take the stripe, Luis does and breaks out with an 8.466 to Pyott's 8.472. Fonse comes to the line next and takes out the #1 qualifier Charles Presinzano on a holeshot win - Fonse goes 8.587 with a .035 reaction time. Finishing up round 2 was the Gallagher Brothers versus Craig Cusamano's blown Chevelle. Gallagher's .012 light was all it took as he gets the holeshot win against Cusamano, Cusamano tried to drive around him but the 8.526 was not close enough to Gallagher's 8.546.

Round 3

#22 qualifier Joe Timinski is still in the running, and lined up against Mike Pyott. Pyott gets the starting line advantage and Timinsiki knows if he has a chance, he will have to run down Mike. He does just that, but goes too fast, he takes the stripe with a breakout 8.493 to Pyott's 8.518. In another big matchup of very capable 8.50 racers, Al Fonse Jr. lines up against Harry Gerb's shined up Firebird. Gerb gets out of the gate first, a rare occurrence against Fonse. Gerb heads on down the track and breaks out with an 8.487, Fonse learned his lesson from earlier in the day and let off at just the right time to run a perfect 8.500. Shawn Gallagher gets into the burnout box, but has trouble and did not make the beams - Darren Harris moved on to the next round on a single, running a nice 8.507.

Fonse takes the beams and backs out, with a single into the finals, as does Mike Pyott on a single due to breakage, Darren Harris unable to go down the track.

Would the points leader Mike Pyott add to his lead with a win tonight? Or would the All Motor Fonse Performance Camaro, and 2nd year driver Al Jr. take home the trophy tonight? Al cuts a great .026 light to Pyott's .048 and they were off! Spectators on the starting line heard some throttle work going on in both lanes, then saw the win light come on for team Pyott. Mike runs down Al Jr. and goes 8.523 to take home the win for the night, his second in a row in the A&W Performance 8.50 Index series.

10.0 Index

Image Image Image Image

10.0 Index Qualifying Sheets
10.0 Index Result Sheets

10.0 Index in the Northeast is an extremely tough class to succeed in. Just about every racer has had a win, a #1 qualifier spot, or has run 10.0x during a race in the past year, and they all have a firm grasp on how their cars behave. It was no surprise to see Mike Romeo head straight to the #1 spot after 1 qualifier, the man has been doing quite well in the local series. CJ Ungaro was right there with him, another heavy hitter in the class, followed by the rest of the class who were ready to shift that qualifying ladder a bit.

Shift it did in Round #2, CJ Ungaro went to the #1 spot with a 10.003, bumping Romeo's 10.017 down to #3, and Tom Wood sneaking in to the #2 spot with a great 10.007 pass. Half of the field was in the 10.0x range so we were all geared up to see the closest Index class put up some great races.

Round 1

David Cappolina and Neil Danks got things rolling. Neil got things rolling just a tad bit too early in fact, going red by .005 as Cappolina makes a nice 10.093 pass. In an uncharacteristic move, our friend Lee Grinnell goes .021 red in his Fairmont Wagon, while Mike Colo heads down for a fullout pass, putting a 9.973 on the boards. Brendan Mills rockets out of the gate with a .006 reaction time against Tom Wood, who has no choice but to try to drive around him. Tom keeps her on the ground for most of the track this time, and runs too fast; Wood breaks out with a 9.917 to Brendan's 9.954. Ray Wallis Jr. and Tony Mullin must have been playing with that practice tree in the Winner's Circle Lounge - Mullin has a perfect reaction time to Wallis' near perfect .003. He may have been perfect at the starting line, but Tony was not where it counted - Wallis' 10.024 moves on against Tony's 10.075. Both Mike Romeo and Carey Cable decided to get the redlight out of their systems on this round, Carey unfortunately doing it first and goes red by .030 to Mike's .004. Both racers are experts in the 10.0 class, Romeo runs a 10.028 with the win light on the entire pass. Robert Messina was caught sleeping at the line, Mark Plucinski took off with a half second advantage, and a 10.051 pass to boot, to move along. CJ Ungaro earns his single to round #2 with the top qualifier spot, he runs it out with a 10.043 elapsed time and .019 reaction time.

Round 2

David Cappolina once again is out in the first pair of cars. He zooms out of the gate while Mike Colo was napping for a tenth of a second.. that was all it took. Cappolina moves on with a 10.018 as Colo tries to run down Cappolina and breaks out. Ray Wallis hung the tires and checked out the weather up in the stratosphere, as Mike Romeo got going in the next lane. They both break out, but Mike too fast, his 9.963 to Ray's losing 9.972. Mark Plucinski heads down the track and lets off as he sees he is alone; CJ Ungaro had an unfortunate bit of luck and broke the rear right after launching, a disappointing end of the day after earning the #1 qualifier spot. Brendan Mills moves on to the next round.


David Cappolina continues on his rampage in 10.0 today and takes out Brendan Mills on a holeshot. Cappo goes 10.073 with an .043 light to Mills' 10.039 and .099 light, Cappo brother's hard work paying off and securing their trip to a final round. Ray Wallis once again cuts a nice light, this time a .002, but Mark Plucinski is no slouch and roars down the track to catch him, winning with a 10.112 to Ray's 10.212.


Two black '92 Mustangs into the final of 10.0, two cars that made it there with the hard work of the drivers and their families at the track all day helping out. Both cars roll into the beams and the tree drops, but Mark Plucinski heads off too early and goes .037 red. Cappo's win light comes on and the crew jumps for joy as they take home a win, a check, and a trophy from the Pritchett Brothers.

12.0 Index

Image Image Image Image

12.0 Index Qualifying Sheets
12.0 Index Result Sheets

12.0 Index - just as tough as the 10.0 Index class, just different faces. To noone's surprise, Dave Harvey Jr. takes the #1 qualifier spot after the first round of qualifying, with a 12.030 pass. Mark Mueller aka "Cool" was right on his bumper with a 12.040. In the final qualifying round, things shifted around a bit as Harvey improves with a 12.003, Cool gets knocked down to #3 as Rich Fioravanti steps into the #2 spot with a 12.005 pass. Does he have what it takes to knock out Harvey who is on a hot streak??

Round 1

Rodger Purdy gets the leave on Chuck Koenig, and they both head down the track with the pedal to the boards, until right around the strip where we are sure their rear ends left the seat as they both nabbed the brakes. Purdy runs down Koenig but breaks out, his 11.740 pass sends him to the trailer while Koenig moves on with an 11.752. Barb Lutz, a little late on the tree, runs a fantastic 12.023 and stays on the positive side of 12.0 while Rich Fioravanti, #2 qualifier, breaks out with an 11.916. In a rare move, Walt Haas goes red by .004 while Keith Reis in the other lane goes a perfect .000, and runs it out with an 11.919 pass to move on to Round 2. Steve Gurnick takes advantage of Jack Stretch's .041 red light and runs it out the back to see where he is, putting an 11.967 on the boards. In another rare move for 12.0, Cool goes .002 red against Steve Demario. Mueller, fresh off a win at Cecil County's 12.0 last month, runs out an 11.979 to Demario's 11.918. Dave Harvey has a single, he puts the pedal to the metal anyways, an .021 light with an 11.983 elapsed time.

Round 2

Chuck Koenig learned his lesson from the last round and slows it down, but by too much and gives the stripe to Barb Lutz. Barb's 12.144 moves her on to the semis. Dave Harvey takes out Steve Gurnick, both racers breaking out but Harvey closer to the dial with a near perfect 11.996. Keith Reis and Steve Demario finish out hte round, Reis with a great .018 leave and 12.029 elapsed time, Demario breaking out as he attempts to drive around.


Barb Lutz runs another great pass on a single, a 12.013. Dave Harvey makes quick work of Keith Reis as Reis goes red by .009. Harvey runs a 12.063 and is ready for Barb in the finals.


Barb gives Dave Harvey a run for his money, but there was nothing anyone can do against Dave when he cuts a .018 light and runs a perfect 12.000 pass. Barb had a valiant effort all day and even with a well deserved trip for the final, she goes home in the runner up position for the day. Dave Harvey headed back to the pits, leaving everyone wondering if he is human or if he's part cyborg racer.

Pritchett Controls Extreme 275 Drag Radial

Image Image Image Image

Pritchett Controls Extreme 275 Drag Radial Qualifying Sheets
Pritchett Controls Extreme 275 Drag Radial Result Sheets

THE man himself John Sears was on the property, assisting the Pritchett Boys with Extreme 275 tech inspection duties, and also shooting some killer 275 footage. Jason from VP had the track on kill as you can see by the wheelstands that these wild machines were doing! We were all happy to see such an awesome turnout in 275 today, with racers traveling all the way from New York and down to the southern reaches of Maryland. First round of qualifying brought on some nice times as the 275 boys walked the fine line between doing a burnout off the starting line or motoring down on a good pass. Chris Evans' procharged 'Big Green' headed to the front of the pack after first round, with a 5.086 pass. Ron Rhodes had the laughing gas spraying thick and took the #2 spot with a 5.176.

Round 2 brought about some big changes to the field - our number one and two spots did not change, but everyone was able to make 5 second passes and put together a good looking field. Marc Schankweiler had finally made some progress with his new motor combination, and now it goes fast instead of just looking pretty under the hood - Mr Hockey went 5.307 to jump up to the #3 qualifier spot. Don Whetstine was right behind with a 5.321, and Steve Thompson with a 5.350. Mike Thompson, our friend who has crossed over from the 8.50 Index class this year, is getting his stuff moving and comes up to the #6 spot with a 5.394 pass.

Round 1

With some fresh traction compound and track dragging, the 275 boys hit the starting line. First up was Jeff Moyer versus Nick Mancuso. Moyer took a second to get going but roars past Mancuso and takes the win, putting a 5.314 on the boards. Steve Thompson gets the jump on John Ashnault and doesn't look back, taking the holeshot win with a 5.692 over Ashnault's 5.684. Two of our good friends Walt Pfister and Mike Thompson pair off next, both leaving with almost identical reacttion times. Mike has been doing well and makes a solid 5.364 pass but Walt came out of nowhere and roars on to a 5.141 pass, getting the attention of everyone. Ron Rhodes nails the gas and checks out the clouds for a second while Don Heiser snoozes, Rhodes goes 5.201 to move along. Frank Fulbrook smokes Ken Everett at the tree, a .011 light to Everett's .081. Fulbrook's 5.315 pass would do the trick to Everett's 5.345. Both Dan Whetstine and Ed McAfee took a bit to get off the line, but Whetstine with the faster pass and puts up a 5.305. We thought Marc Schankweiler would be joining his crew in the Winner's Circle Lounge after this round, but he takes a win in 275 over Rich Bruder. Marc goes 5.337 and heads back to the pits to check some spark plugs and shine up the blue flames. Chris Evans lines up on a single and blasts out an Extreme 275 Record 4.964 @ 144.24mph pass, WOW!!! The crowd goes wild and the other race teams head back to the pits to figure out how to get a rocket booster on their cars to get around Evans if they meet him in competition.

Round 2

Chris Evans and Jeff Moyer head to the line, Evans fresh off his record pass in the last round. Evans backs it up and takes out Moyer with a 4.982 pass. Steve Thompson gets out of the gate .021 ahead of Dan Whetstine, but Whetstine is able to whiz by and take a win with a 5.325. Ron Rhodes once again hauls down the track after being caught with a .066 disadvantage to Frank Fulbrook, Rhodes' 5.168 good enough to get to the semi's in his beautiful red '68 Camaro. Finishing up the round is Walt Pfister versus Marc schankweiler. Schankweiler reaches for the sky and does a huge wheelstand, past just about every camera in the place except Twisted Vette and the GDR live feed. Maybe some day he will do that in the daytime, for now, he goes back to the trailer and Walt Pfister moves along with an awesome 5.088 pass -- he's the closest to Big Green so far today.


Walt Pfister lines up against Ron Rhodes. Rhodes drags the bumper past the Christmas Tree after Pfister trees him good. Pfister not as clean of a pass as the last round, but he'll take the win light with a 5.467. Chris Evans continues his domination and puts up yet another four second pass, this time a 4.971 against Dan Whetstine's 5.291.


If anyone was going to take out Evans, it would be Walt Pfister who has been the only one within a tenth of Evan's times today. Walt tries to win it at the tree but Evans was only .008 seconds behind him. Evans hits the jets and he is OUT, a 4.983 pass to take home the win in Extreme 275 for the day, to Pfister's 4.983. The rest of the 275 world is both congratulating Evans for his record pass, and scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get around Big Green.

Pritchett Brothers Racing Outlaw Drag Radial

Image Image Image Image

Pritchett Brothers Racing Outlaw Drag Radial Qualifying Sheets
Pritchett Brothers Racing Outlaw Drag Radial Result Sheets

Pritchett Brothers' Outlaw Radial / Limited Street class brought in some badass rides from not just the local area, but a few racers came from very far to support the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series and try to take home some cash. Keith Szabo rolled in from Georgia in his limited street Mustang to take a crack at the pot, as well as Jason Rueckert from VP fuels in his Procharged '82 Olds. The first round of qualifying put these two men in the #1 and #2 spots, Szabo with a 4.823 and Rueckert with a 5.068 pass. Bill Dutka's J&E powered Malibu was right behind Rueckert with a 5.268.

As the day went on and more rubber hit the surface, the brains in the pits got together and found some tuneups in the cars to get down the track. Szabo stayed #1 and improved with a 4.805. John Ballinsky and the OAB Racing crew rocketed down with a 4.964 pass and took the number two qualifier spot. Frances Johnson, the fastest nitrous powered radial car, was right behind the twin turbo OAB machine and ran a 5.008 for the number three spot. Finishing out the top of the field was John Carter's Proline powered Vette, with a 5.013.

Round 1

Joe Mouth and Bill Dutka were up first. Mouth catches Dutka sleeping but Dutka is able to catch up to Joe and win with a 5.879. Jason Rueckert's Olds is about as loud as the space shuttle as he heads down the track to win over Vincent Viore, who is not able to make a full pass. Rueckert's 5.467 will need some improvement if he wants to keep going rounds. John Carter goes A to B as usual and picks up the win over Konstantine Zografos, who is in the Outlaw class today instead of 275, not able to pass tech without a turbo inlet reducer. Frances Johnson makes the second fastest pass of the class in the day with a 4.837 while Steve Hall is unable to make the call. John Ballinsky makes a great 4.919 pass as well on a single as Val Musi is also not able to make the call. #1 qualifier Keith Szabo dropped some jaws as he goes the day's fastest pass, a 4.777.

Round 2

In a classic Nitrous versus Turbo battle, Nitrous wins, in the Frances Johnson firebird. He takes out John Carter's twin turbo Vette, Johnson a blistering 4.790 to Carter's consistent 5.013 pass. Jason Rueckert tried to win it at the tree against John Ballinsky, but John was no slouch and his .017 light coupled with a 4.906 pass put him into the semis. Keith Szabo blasts down a 5.002 pass against Bill Dutka, who gets up in the air and did not make a full pass.


Keith Szabo takes out Frances Johnson in an extremely close race - Szabo was out of the gate first with a .011 light to Johnson's .045. Johnson goes 4.799 to Szabo's 4.749, a valiant effort. In an unfortunate turn of events, John Ballinsky throws everything at his car in a bye run, and ends up going way up in the air, and after coming back to earth, crossed the center line and took out some timing blocks. Unfortunately rules are rules, you can get disqualified on a bye run if you cross the center line and hit the wall, so Keith Szabo takes home the win for the day due to disqualification. The OAB racing team worked hard and we are certain they'll be back kicking ass and taking names at the next race.

Coast Chassis Design Outlaw 10.5

Image Image Image Image

[url=http://www.coastchassis.com]Coast Chassis Design Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Sheets[/url]
[url=http://www.coastchassis.com]Coast Chassis Design Outlaw 10.5 Result Sheets[/url]

Going into Saturday's race, we all knew that the Outlaw 10.5 class would be off the hook and we'd be seeing the baddest rides on 10.5W's battling it out for a spot in the 16 car field. The Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series definitely delivered!! A total of 21 cars hit the property to duke it out for the $5,000 check, trophy, and bragging rights. In the first round of qualifying, we saw Charlie Dolbin wheeling the Caldwell Motorsports, Fulton powered machine to a blazing 4.378 @ 172mph pass. Team Caldwell has been doing plenty of testing and also their fair share of problems, it was great to see them go A to B and head back to the pits without any damage. Scotty G, fresh off his win at the Milan race, was a tenth off of Dolbin and put up a 4.488 pass. The lone turbo car in the top four spots after round 1, Tommy Kasper put up a 4.534 at a blistering 178mph, while Mike Martin aka Burt Reynolds was in the #4 spot with a 4.541.

Round number 2 of qualifying was exciting, as we knew 5 cars would not be in the show today. Charlie Dolbin did not improve on his number one spot, but Tommy Kasper's Proline Powered Mustang did, he moved up past Scotty G to the #2 spot with a 4.463 @ 178.98mph pass. Scotty stayed #3, and Anthony disomma came up from #10 to the #4 spot, wheeling a twin turbo '02 Camaro today. Billy Mitchell's S10 continues to improve on his past outings this season and shows up to the party in the #5 spot, knocking Burt Reeynolds down to #6. Mo Hall, Steve Gorman, and Joe Newsham are right there on the behinds of the top 6 guys, ready to rock and roll. Craig Pio, Harry Jarvis, Pete Esposito, Dale Collins Jr, and Larry Wood all did their best to make the show but their efforts were not enough. We thank them for bringing their rides and putting in the hard work and dedication necessary to try and give us all some great racing action! During the second qualifying round, there was a problem with the timing system that caused Mo Hall and Shawn Zubler to have inaccurate times. Lucky for everyone, the track officials and race directors were on top of things, got it fixed, and took care of Zubler and Hall by doing the right thing and unquestionably giving them a second chance run.

Round 1

TJ Kasper, driving the Lincoln today after clearing the cobwebs out of the motor courtesy of a John Force-style burnout, pulls up to the line waiting for Mike Martin. Martin was trying to burp the funny gas through the motor but having some obvious problems, was forced to the beams by the starter after a good bit of time elapsed. TJ took off and ran a 4.603 pass, while Martin coasted down. We later found out that Martin had a stuck solenoid, luckily nothing was hurt but he will be changing them out before you know it. Anthony Disomma lines up against Doug Harris' GTO. Harris goes .015 red, while DiSomma puts a 4.533 on the boards and goes back to the pits to keep addingo n the power. Joe Newsham and Steve Gorman ar up next. Newsham gets out of the gate with a good advantage, Gorman gets squirrely and has to lift. Newsham burns down the track in classic Joe fashion, wheels up and petal to the metal - he goes 4.432 @ 172.96mph. John cheman does a burnout and shakes the ground for a square mile, while Tommy Kasper follows suit in an equally smokey but less thunderous burnout. Tommy gets the jump with a .016 advantage over Cheman, and zooms on to a 4.487 @ 177 pass. Brian Gould cuts the tree down with an .004 light but Billy Mitchell flies by with a 4.552, advancing him to the quarter finals. Scotty G also brought his axe to the race and cuts a .011 light, and then goes 4.991 against Dan Smith who is unable to catch Scotty with a 5.393. Mo Hall put a little too much in and he lights up the tires against Tommy Mauro, Mauro's 4.658 will do the trick against Mo. Finishing up the round is Charlie Dolbin wheeling the Caldwell Mustang, versus Shawn Zubler. Noone is able to get near Dolbin's times today, Zubler tries but he joins that club. Zubler goes 4.644 but Dolbin's 4.408 advances him.

Round 2

Scotty Guadagno and TJ Kasper line up, Scotty looking to beat up on some turbo cars. It's over before it starts, as TJ just barely goes red, by .003, and puts Scotty into the Semis. Scotty runs it out and goes 4.940. Joe Newsham and Charlie Dolbin line up next, Joe gets a good jump on Charlie with a .029 light to Charlie's .055. Both drivers are on and off the throttle trying to get the car down the track, with Charlie winning the battle running a 5.004 to Joe's 5.181. The two Tom's left in the clas pull up to the line, each packing a different form of boost under the hood. Today, it would be the twin turbo's moving on, Tommy Kasper runs a 5.273 to Tom Mauro's 5.581. Finishing off the round is Billy Mitchell versus Anthony DiSomma. Billy whacks that tree down and motors to the round quickest 4.590 pass, while DiSomma doesn't make a clean pass.


Two pairs left, each pair being a nitrous versus turbo race. The first up is Tommy Kasper and Scotty Guadagno. Scotty leaves first and has a .019 second head start over Tommy. Scotty never looks back as Tommy is not able to catch him, the turbo cars really lay on the speed but 1/8th mile seems to be the equalizer in the battle of the power adders. Scotty moves on to his second consecutive final wiht a 4.518 pass to Tommy's 4.551. The final pair of Billy Mitchel and Charlie Dolbin would determine who has to battle Scotty G in the finals. Billy once again cuts an amazing light at a clutch time, a .005, while Dolbin was caught reading the comic section and has a .207 reaction time. It was Billy's race to win, but unfortunately, it turned out being his to lose, as he was not able to go directly from A to B and Charlie was, Dolbin goes 4.558 and heads to the finals.


Two nitrous cars, #1 and #3 qualifiers have made it to the finals. If Scotty G takes home the win, he'll secure a huge advantage in points in the Outlaw 10.5 class of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series. Scotty G lets go of the trans brake as the tree drops, but it was .003 seconds too early. Scotty goes red, but he would not have been able to touch Charlie's pass anyway. Dolbin goes 4.383 and takes home the first win in the Caldwell Motorsports Mustang.

Author:  Advertising [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:43 am ]
Post subject: 

Author:  noricehere [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

Friggin awesome Seth, thank you for taking the time to allow for some good reading and structure for us of the race !!. Guys, this is how it's done !!

Author:  ss69ss [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

noricehere wrote:
Friggin awesome Seth, thank you for taking the time to allow for some good reading and structure for us of the race !!. Guys, this is how it's done !!

:iagree: X2 Awesome job Seth, pics and coverage! Thanks for the ices as well!

Congrats to Pyott Racing for the 8.50 win and to all the class winners it was an awesome day.

Going out first round sucks but I got to watch a lot of great racing LOL. I wish they could run these things out the back but I understand the arguement behind it and 1/8 mile did seem to help car counts a lot in those classes.

It was my first time watching an X275 event and I really impressed. Some of these cars look like mid 13 sec cars and the numbers they were putting done were incredible. Don't let them screw up your class boys stick to your guns on the rules, you've got a winner.

Thanks again for the great event coverage

Author:  HPdoctor [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

Awesome job seth we appreciate you and all you do little buddy !! You really do an excellent job on summing up all the rounds. Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks to all the photographers, video guys, who ever cover any of us racers.
Thank you.
AL jr. :cheers:

Author:  iceman [ Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

HPdoctor wrote:
Awesome job seth we appreciate you and all you do little buddy !! You really do an excellent job on summing up all the rounds. Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks to all the photographers, video guys, who ever cover any of us racers.
Thank you.
AL jr. :cheers:

Thanks for the electricity for the snow cones :)

Author:  escapemachine [ Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

Awesome write up and pics

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Author:  Sasaka-4628 [ Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atco Raceway- RacingJunk.com Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

Congrats to Pyott Racing for the 8.50 win and to all the class winners it was an awesome day.

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