Ultimate Outlaw Shootout – Piedmont, NC Season Opener Race Recap

After months of waiting, we finally were able to hit the road to Piedmont Dragway for the season opener of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series!  Once again, we proved that the weather forecasters have no idea what they are talking about – the only thing that was in our forecast was blue skies, burnout smoke, and some awesome racing! 

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Pritchett Brother’s Racing, Coast Chassis Design, and RacingJunk.com for making the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series possible.  We are happy to be part of the Ultimate Outlaws family and cannot thank Nate and Adam enough for what they do for our sport.  This is the only series in the country that puts the racers first and makes sure they are treated like their own family, and we are lucky to be a part of the event coverage staff.

Here’s a direct link to the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout – 2011 Season Opener – Piedmont Picture Gallery

Outlaw 10.5

Round 1 began with the defending champ Scotty G lining up against another nitrous car, that of Michael Martin.  Scotty had the advantage from the hit, and never looked back, running a 4.492 @ 168 with a .022 reaction time.  Martin left with a .075 light but did not make a clean pass.  Next up was Mo Hall and Ed Rice.  Mo took a brief nap at the tree while Rice nailed the tree with an .006 light, he did not make it A to B though, and Mo made his best pass of the day so far with a 4.467 @ 170.39, getting a grip on the track conditions.  Jason Enos and Mark Swanson, top qualifiers, put the screws to it on single passes to see what the track could hold, they put on a little too much and overpowered the surface.

To start off Round 2, Mark Swanson toned it back a little bit from Round 1’s setup and made a great 4.408 @ 170mph pass against Scotty G, who made a respectable 4.450 @ 168mph pass.  Swanson had the starting line advantage with a .013 light, Scotty also had a great light with an .037 reaction time.  Mo Hall got the jump on Jason Enos to finish up the round, but had to get out of the throttle.  Enos’ car made an almost identical pass to his previous clean runs, a 4.333 @ 183mph to put him into the finals. 

Finishing out the night in the Coast Chassis Design Outlaw 10.5 class was the Proline powered, twin turbo mustang of Jason Enos versus the Procharged machine of Mark Swanson. Enos qualified in the top spot while Swanson was right behind him in the #2 spot.  When the tree dropped, Swanson was done with being second and left first, with a .062 advantage over Enos.  That was all Mark needed, and he took a holeshot win with a 4.369 @ 165mph over Enos’ 4.322 @ 184mph.

7.49 Index

7.49 Index, a regular class at Piedmont, was a welcome addition to the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout.  This group of racers dialed in their setups fast and when qualifying was finished, the whole field was within a tenth of the index.  Gary Golden was the leader of the pack, qualifying #1 with a 7.523.  Both Bobby Stokes and Dwayne Rozier were right behind him, only a few thousandths of a second behind.

Dwayne Rozier and Owen Teague got things going during eliminations, Rozier dead on with a 5 for the win, and Teague breaking out.  David Scotton was oh-so-close to winning against Jeff Faucette, but Scotton broke out by .002 while Faucette made a nice 7.522 pass.  JR Munden makes a great 7.496 pass against Ken Myrick, but Myrick had him at the tree and takes the holeshot win with a 7.531.  Randall Cantrell goes red by .008, but he would have had a hard time taking out Bobby Stokes and his 7.506 run.  Finishing off the first round was Gary Golden, earning himself a first round bye.

Jeff Faucette caught himself a deep stage foul to start off round 2, giving Gary Golden the win.  Golden was close to the money with a 7.474 pass.  Dwayne Rozier took a holeshot win against Ken Myrick, Myrick running a great 7.500 pass but the starting line advantage for Rozier gave him the win by a mere two thousandths of a second! Bobby Stokes finished out the round on a single.

The odd number of cars in the field gave us another single, this time Dwayne Rozier in the semi-finals.  Rozier made a great pass, the best elapsed time during eliminations, a 7.494.  Bobby Stokes and Gary Golden, #1 and #2 qualifiers, faced off and gave the fans a great race.  Stokes had a .011 advantage leaving, Golden drove around him but broke out, so did Stokes.  Stokes 7.455 with an .013 light put him into the finals against Rozier.

Dwayne Rozier took off first against Bobby Stokes in the final, and didn’t look back as he broke out with a 7.423 run.  Stokes was also too quick, but he was closer to the index with a 7.450 and took the win for the day.

5.80 Raiders

Normally at the 1/4 mile tracks that the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series frequents, we have the 8.50 Index class.  Due to Piedmont being 1/8th mile, obviously, we had to adjust a little.  The Piedmont 5.80 Raiders were added to the show and did not disappoint.  Like the 7.49 index group, the 5.80 Raiders were very close, with the entire field qualifying in the 5.8xx range.  Mike Pyott was the only 8.50 car that made the trip south, and within a few passes, he was able to slow his car enough and get dialed in for eliminations.  Joe Robertson was the leader of the pack after qualifying, taking the #1 spot with a 5.827 pass.  Also in the 5.82 range was Derek Motley with a 5.829.

Ken Multer made a great pass to start off eliminations, a .023 light with a 5.911 elapsed time to take out James “Hawk” Harvey.  Gloria “Wonder Woman” Mitchell and Gary Sanders left almost dead even, but Gloria pulled away by a nose and took the first round win with a 5.903.  Mike Pyott got dialed in to 1/8th mile racing on his 4th pass of the day, and ran a 5.810, but the long tree threw him off and Derek Motley was able to leave on him and pick up the holeshot win with a 5.839. Joe Robertson took his well-earned single and took the tree, saving it for later.

Robertson might regret not making a run in the previous round, Gloria Mitchell caught him sleepin’ and beat him with a holeshot, Robertson’s .127 light did him in against Mitchell’s .030 and 5.872 e/t.  Derek Motley left a hair early lit his red bulb with a -.002, giving Ken Multer the victory and on to the final round against Gloria Mitchell.  Multer earned it though, and ran a 5.874.

Ken Multer was running great all day, and Gloria Mitchell was extremely consistent on the tree.  Multer cut an .017 light and motored on to the win for the day with a 5.887 to Mitchell’s 6.141.

275 Real Street

This was our first taste of the NDRRA 275 Real Street Class, and hopefully not our last! This class was pretty awesome to watch, this is a heads up class, with (very fast) street cars on 275 tires.  The 275RS class brought us 14 rides to the show, with the top of the field qualifying in the 5.60-5.70 range.  Terry Morton was our number one qualifier with a 5.695 @ 126mph.  Right behind him was Kevin Robinson and John Phillips.

The top of the field made easy work of the bottom during the first and second round of eliminations.  The top four qualifiers faced each other in the semi-finals.  John Phillips and Kevin Robinson led off the semis, Phillips getting a nice head start but Robinson drove around and took the win with a 5.620 to Phillips’ 5.773.  Terry Morton left minutes before Dean Goodin, Goodin dead late with a .171 light.  Morton took the holeshot win with a 5.873 to Goodin’s 5.811.

Finishing up the race was Kevin Robinson and Terry Morton. Morton gave it away as he went .003 red, giving Robinson the victory for the day. Thanks again to the NDRRA for adding this class to the Ultimate Outlaws, we hope to see it again, sooner rather than later!


X275 had the strongest showing out of any other class, with a total of 21 cars going for the 16 car field.  We saw folks from all over, taking rides from as far as New Jersey and Georgia to compete.  It was scorching during the day, but somehow the teams were on point and we saw four cars in the 5.0x range after qualifying finished.  Chad Branson put up a 5.088, so did Andy Manson.  Pete Harrell took the #2 spot with a 5.045, while Jeff Kyle was at the top of the pack with a 5.043. 

Rich Bruder and Ron Rhodes pulled up first, Rhodes in the nitrous powered car and Bruder in the deafening supercharged machine.  Bruder cuts a nice .018 light and took out Rhodes, a 5.139 to a 5.222.  Chad Branson was a little slow on the tree drop but Jimmy McDowell did not get down the track clean, Branson took the win with a smoking 5.088 run.  Bob Kurgan drove around Caleb Skinner after a sligh disadvantage, Kurgan running his fastest yet 5.076.  Joe Early did not go A to B, Pete Harrell did though, and put up another solid pass with a 5.079.  Andy Manson got treed but the #3 qualifier had the power to drive around Eddie Jones, running a 5.099.  Gene Tilley broke, but he probably would not have kept up with Jeff Kyle who makes the fastest run in the first round with a 5.022 @ 147mph.  Eric Lyles and Bobby Flippin both spun, Lyles pulled off the upset against the better qualified Flippin and won with a 6.125 @ 129.  Jeff Flemmons took a stab at the tree but was .030 early and red lit, giving Tommy Kirk the win. Kirk went a nice 5.190 @ 138mph.

Bob Kurgan continued to improve and ran the race quickest 5.016 elapsed time against Eric Lyles to win a shot in the semi finals.  Rich Bruder nailed the tree and took out the #1 qualifier Jeff Kyle, a 5.046 to Kyle’s 5.049.  Andy Manson was able to catch up to Tommy Kirk and get past him after a slight disadvantage on the line, Manson going 5.061. Branson gets a bye to the semi-finals.

In the battle of the supercharged cars, Rich Bruder with the ProCharger lined up against the Vortech powered Kurgan ride.  It looks like Kurgan didn’t touch a thing and his car could run brackets, he ran a 5.017 to Bruder’s 5.053 – what a close race!  Andy Manson and Chad Branson also put on a great show for the fans, leaving at about the same time but Manson inching out Branson with a 5.028 elapsed time.

Andy Manson and Bob Kurgan made up the finals. By the time the finals came around, the sun was off the track and the cars were getting faster by the minute.  Andy Manson went red by .029, throwing away a faster 5.024 pass to Bob Kurgan’s 5.050 run.  Kurgan took home the win and the $2k!

Outlaw Drag Radial

A couple of the Outlaw Drag Radial crowd drove through the night after racing at MIR on Friday night, along with some of the X275 crew, and that was appreciated immensely by the fans and staff of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout.  As we arrived to the track on Saturday, we saw quantity and especially quality in the Outlaw Drag Radial pits, including quite a few record holders in the class.  Stevie Jackson’s bright orange mustang thundered off a 4.615 pass for the #2 qualifier spot.  The man to beat after qualifying was Kevin Fiscus, running a 4.578 at a whopping 177mph!

Francis Johnson’s Firebird took the first win of ODR elminations, running a 4.793 @ 155mph.  Chad Henderson and Jeremy McElrath were the second pair up, Henderson’s elapsed time being the better of the two with a 4.854 @ 156mph.  Stevie Jackson took his competition single and ran the round’s quickest pass of a 4.579@171mph.  Dave Hinzman, coming all the way from Ohio, tested out the track during a single. He spun a little but got back in it, his 5.887 not indicative of the potential his setup has.  Jason Black and the Dale Handy pair was turning out to be a pedal fest, when Handy got out of the groove and unfortunately nailed the wall past the traps.  An unfortunate situation, we hope to see them back racing again soon.  Brian McGee, fresh off setting a record at MIR the previous night, got the jump on Kevin Fiscus.  Fiscus drove around and got down with a 4.687 @ 175mph. 

Stevie Jackson and Dave Hinzman pulled up to the burnout box for what was shaping up to be a great race.  It definitely was, both cars were side by side but Jackson beat Hinzman with a 4.587 to Hinzman’s 4.612.  Chad Henderson and Kevin Fiscus both had singles into the Semi Finals.

Only heavy hitters left in the field, with cars from all over the country – Jackson from Florida, Fiscus from Florida, Henderson from Alabama, and Johnson from Maryland.  Chad Henderson and Kevin Fiscus were the first to line up.  Henderson was gone first and got the win light with a 4.683 @ 158mph pass, while Fiscus did not get a clean pass.  Stevie Jackson also did his job at the line and got going first against Francis Johnson.  Johnson was a little off his pace, his 4.649 did not hold up to Jackson’s 4.584.

The sun was down and we were racing under the lights in the finals!  Chad Henderson cuts an awesome .013 light but Jackson was not too far behind, and he had the horsepower to take the victory for the race with a 4.605 @ 171mph pass, to Henderson’s 4.777 @ 150.

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