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April 26th 27th, 2013 – Atco Raceway Index Classes – Race Recap

Atco which has undergone some major cosmetic changes with the wall behind the burnout box and the smaller tower being torn down. Atco now has a different look as the cars come down the lanes and make a right into the burnout box. A much needed change in my opinion that opens up the track view. The index racers ran along with NHRA’s Super Stockers, Stockers, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street cars at the NHRA National Open sponsored by PC Richard.

The weather couldn’t be any better for the fans and racers with no clouds in the sky and a nice mid 60’s temperature! It was a good day for some racing!

Be sure to check out the entire gallery of the Index Classes at Atco!

11.50 Index

11.50 Index saw 12 cars battling for the top spot with David Harvey Jr running the closest with an 11.517 with James Moshier and Bob Sanders running close behind with a 11.518 and 11.520 respectively. Once eliminations started it was a battle of reaction times as most everyone who moved onto round 2 had a better reaction time than there opponent other than James Moshier who was able to run down Lynn Townes with his 11.517 over a slower 11.571. Round 2 saw the #1 qualifier David Harvey Jr. take out # six qualifier Joseph Trantas, Bob Sanders taking out Keith Huffman and James Moshier taking treeing John Grob Jr to move onto round three. Round three saw Bob Sanders and James Moshier running for a chance to move to the finals and both cars ran under the 11.50 Index but Sanders running closer with his 11.498 to Moshier’s 11.487. David Harvey Jr. had a bye into the finals and he ran under the 11.50 as well with a 11.488 and a -.008 reaction time.

In the finals we saw Bob Sanders and David Harvey Jr. Unfortunately Harvey Jr. fouled away his chance at a win going .017 red. Bob Sanders saved his best run of the weekend with an 11.509 to take home the 11.50 win and a wally!

10.0 Index

10.0 Index had 12 cars come out and battle for the 10.0 Index class as well with Harry Lutz in his 1968 Camaro take the top spot with a 10.004 to take the top qualifying spot! Jim Harvey was right behind with a 10.010, Doug Frisch’s 10.015 was #3, Billy Gibbs who was running the 88 Monte Carlo who came out Saturday morning for the last qualifier took the #4 qualifying spot with a 10.016 in his only attempt, Ed Riordan Jr ran a 10.018, Brian Grinnell 10.024, Carl Ungaro 10.062, Al Broan ran 10.062, Keith Reis Jr 10.076, Paul Revaitis 10.113, Jack Mullin 12.054 and Steven Silver rounded out the qualifying with a 9.999. The story here in 10.0 Index was that is Steven Silver and Ed Riordon Jr. These two racers worked hard to finish up there respective cars to make it out to Atco. In the first round Steven Silver from the bottom of the ladder took on #1 qualifier Harry Lutz and both cars ran very close together with a 10.014 for Silver and a 10.015 for Lutz but Lutz fouled away the win going .010 red. Ed Riordan Jr. was up next against Al Broan. broan broke so Riordan Jr ran it out to a 9.985 to move onto round two.

In round two Riordan Jr was up against Jim Harvey who was qualified #2 and Ed took the win with a 10.048 over Harvey who fouled. Steven Silver and Carl Ungaro both fouled in round two but Silver only went .006 red compared to Harvey’s -.014. Silver ran a 10.004 in round two to move to the semis. In the semis Silver has a bye to the finals so he ran it out with a 9.990. Riordan Jr. and Keith Reis Jr met in the semis with Riordan Jr. going a .001 on the tree with a 10.007 to take out Reis Jr who ran to quick with a 9.946.

The finals saw Riordan Jr and Silver meet with both going red and with Steven Silver taking out his friend Ed Riordan Jr. with a 10.007 to Ed’s 10.009. Congratulations to Steven Silver on his 10.0 Index win and wally at Atco Raceway.

8.50 Index

8.50 Index only saw 8 cars in the field at Atco. Angelo Valla in his beatuful Corvette took home the top qualifying spot with an 8.502, followed by Dan Purdy with an 8.515, Al Davidowski 8.519, Joe Albrecht 8.532, Delon Pleasants 8.537, Alfonse Magliocco in his Fonse Performance 93 Camaro was number 6 with a 8.550, Zach Obert followed with a 8.567 and Dennis Moore rounded out the field with an 8.598.

First round Joe Albrecht in his Monte Carlo was up against Delon Pleasants with Joe moving on with an 8.588 against Delon’s 8.604. Angelo Valla the number one qualifier was up against number eight qualifier Dennis Moore and Valla moved on with an 8.628 over an 8.647. Dan Purdy in his very clean 2002 Camaro ran Zach Obert with Dan Purdy running a perfect 8.500 to take down Zach Obert’s 8.571. The Fonse Performance 93 Camaro was up against number 3 qualifier Al Davidowski and Alfonse took the win here going .009 on the tree and running an 8.529 over Davidowski’s 8.565.

In the semis we had Joe Albrecht and Angelo Valla meet with Albrecht taking the win with an 8.528 over Valla who ran to quick with an 8.498. Dan Purdy and Alfonse Maglocco met up in a battle of Camaro’s with Dan Purdy running an 8.510 to Alfonse’s 8.529.

The finals saw Joe Albrecht and Dan Purdy with Joe treeing Dan with an .014 light to Dan Purdy’s .130. This is where the race was won with Joe Albrecht running 8.610 with the faster 8.509 of Purdy’s.

Congratulations to Joe Albrecht in his 8.50 Index win and wally at Atco Raceway!

2012 Cecil & Atco Champions Crowned

2012 brought the heads up race community in the Northeast the closest racing we have ever seen, and it shows just by looking at how close the points were up to the final moment in each class.  Race teams worked hard all year, through all types of hardships, from weather to mechanical, and still managed to shatter records in every class we follow.

Outlaw 10.5

Steve Gorman (Precision Transmission / Precision Powdercoating ) had a very strong year this year, finishing second in points at Cecil County Dragway and fourth at Atco Raceway.  Mo Hall (R.V. Carey Plumbing and Heating) also had an extremely strong year,  setting the bar high for the Nitrous 10.5 entries, finishing fourth at Cecil and second at Atco Raceway.

TJ Kasper

As much as Gorman and Hall tried up until the last minute, they were not able to catch ‘Kid Kwik’ TJ Kasper out of the Gil Christy Motorsports / Kasper’s Korner camp, who took home the Double Crown, taking both Cecil and Atco Outlaw 10.5 Championships for 2012.  The entire team worked hard the whole year, with the help of their new engine program out of DiSomma Racing Engines and a ton of track time learning how to tune their setup.  The highlight of TJ’s year was at the Shakedown Nationals, running a 4.08 @ 201MPH , and backing it up later in the event, taking both the Quickest and Fastest Outlaw 10.5 records!

Outlaw Drag Radial

Bill DutkaFrank Soldridge (PSI Speed Solutions) had an amazing year, getting a handle on their ODR Mustang and destroying both the Cecil County Dragway and National Outlaw Drag Radial records, with a 4.29 @ 185mph pass during the October Outlaw Street Car Shootout at Cecil.  His efforts, while extremely impressive, landed him the number two spot in points at Cecil, behind the 2012 Champion, Bill Dutka.  Dutka sports a unique Malibu, J&E Performance Powered, and brought on John Balinsky of OAB Tuning this year, a very successful move!  Dutka reset his personal best each race, and is looking forward to 2013 to  continue lowering that number.  Dutka also took home third place honors at Atco Raceway.

Marcus ThompsonTeam J&E was busy at Atco Raceway within Outlaw Drag Radial, providing the powerplant for Bill Dutka’s third place finish.  Konstantine Zografos, with a late season start, ended up in the fourth place spot.  At the top of the pack was Marcus Thompson (UPR Products) in his sick 1980 Mustang, taking home the points championship for the year. Marcus had his tough times at  Cecil this year, trying to tame the wild beast under the hood and put the power to the ground, but he had it figured out by the time he needed to up at Atco, enough to take the crown.

275 Drag Radial

Rich Bruder275 Drag Radial is the source of a ton of “discussion” on the Bullet every day, mainly due to the incredible on track performances that we see in our own back yard twice a month during the racing season.  Rich Bruder and family set the X275 world in a spin this year, with dominating performance and even induced mid-year rule changes.  That didn’t keep team Bruder down, who along with Mustang Mike Modeste and Procharger power, motored their way to a second place finish at Cecil County Dragway, and a first place crown at Atco Raceway.  The competition was tough between both tracks, especially at Atco where Ron Rhodes (Rhodes Custom Auto) was on Bruder’s bumper the entire season, eventually ending up with a second place finish.

Dean MarinisDown at Cecil County, Nitrous entries surrounded the Bruder Family at the top of the points, with Ron Rhodes finishing in third place by a mere four points.  Dean Marinis was able to edge by Rhodes and Bruder, taking home the points championship for 2012.  Marinis’ bright orange Mustang does not only look great, but runs great as well.  Dean’s car may not put on a show at the starting line, but the numbers that show on the scoreboard draw a reaction each and every time he makes a pass.  Dean puts a ton of work into chassis and engine tuning and has reaped the benefits of his hard work.

8.50 Index

Alfonse Magliocco Jr. (Fonse Performance) was looking to back up solid performances in 2011 this season, and he did quite well, taking home fourth place at Cecil County Dragway, against some extremely tough competition.  Angelo Valla had a strong year, finishing second at Atco Raceway, with Zach Obert quite close behind him.  Mike good, always a tough competitor, took home second place honors at Cecil.   Despite everyone’s efforts, there was one race team that was able to best them, and take home the championship at both Atco Raceway and Cecil County.

Harry GerbThat race team and driver would be Harry Gerb (H&J Motorsports, Fonse Performance).  Harry’s Firebird would take home the awards at any car show he showed up to if he wanted, but he chooses to spend his time battling the 8.50 Index competition.  His hard work paid off, beating out Mike Good and Angelo Valla at the last races of the year, taking home the jacket at two tracks in the same year.  If you follow 8.50 Index racing, you know how difficult that is! Congratulations Harry, we look forward to seeing you dominate in 2013.

10.0 Index

Ed Riordan JrCarey Cable (J&E Performance Powered) and the entire Cable family are not only good friends of ours, but also seasoned 10.0 Index Racers.  Carey constantly goes rounds, and his effort put him in the third place spot at both Atco Raceway and Cecil County.  Ahead of Cable at Atco was another Nova, that of Doug Frisch, who beat out Cable for the second place spot by 12 points.  In the lead by a good bit and taking home the 10.0 Index Championship at Atco Raceway in 2012 was Ed Riordan Jr, in his ’69 Pontiac Firebird.  Riordan’s racing operation is a family affair, like most teams, and his win was well earned by over thirty points.

Rob WardAt Cecil County, Christian Benedict was able to beat out Carey Cable for the second place spot on the year, in his ’88 Mustang.  Both Carl Ungaro and Rich Sosnowski did their best to try and win, but brought up the third and fourth place spots.  Taking home the top honors for the year was Rob Ward, having a strong year and finishing the year with a six point advantage over the number two spot.

11.50 Index

Bob PerrottetAt Atco Raceway, when you mention 11.50 Index, you can also take the time to mention the Harvey Family, which usually has at least one entry going rounds each race.  Dave Harvey Jr. took home top honors for the Harvey Family this year, with a third place finish in 11.50 Index.  Jim Schmidt, making the trek from Connecticut for each race, had a great year and finished second, beating Harvey by over 20 points.   The story of the year, however, goes to Bob Perrottet, who absolutely dominated the class by over 70 points and took the championship for the 2013 season.

Steve GurnickFor Cecil County 11.50 Index Racing, Jim Schmidt was at the top of the ladder yet again, with a solid third place finish, making his mark on the 11.50 Index community.  Keith Huffman, a Cecil regular, finished ahead of Schmidt in the number two spot by 7 points.  Taking home the win for the year was Steve Gurnick, beating out Huffman by 4 points.  Gurnick is a Cecil regular, who drives his ’85 Mustang to and from the track for each Street Car Shootout.  Most of the time, he’s leaving from the Winner’s Circle, as he is a very successful racer in 11.50 Index as well as Pro Dial, where he doubled up and also took home the 2012 Championship.

Ultra 275

Marc McCloudUltra 275 surprised everyone this year, with passes dipping extremely low in the 5 second range by the end of the season.  John Keesey’s wild paint job had everyone’s attention at Cecil, and not only did it look fast, his Mustang performed well and he took home the fourth place spot for the season.  The top three spots were taken up by racers that battled to the last inch each race – Marc McCloud, Todd Geisler, and Mike Barry.  Barry’s Malibu took home third place honors with 55 points.  By a mere two point margin, Marc McCloud inched by Todd Geisler for the championship, 69 points to 67.  We’re looking forward to see if these guys can hit he 4’s in 2013!

Outlaw Big Tire

Tom TarsiaWe saw 20 entries in Outlaw Big Tire at Cecil County throughout the 2012 season, a strong showing, and many more combinations expected for the 2012 season.  The range of cars that come to compete in this class is impressive, from Fieros to late model GTO’s.  One of the best looking rides belongs to James Houston, who took his ’64 Ford to the third place position for 2012.  He was beaten by a mere point by Charlie Boy Micallef’s 70 Chevelle, who took the number two spot.  Taking home the win for the year and having a dominating  year was Tom Tarsia.  Tarsia’s Supercharged entry blew out eardrums on each pass, making his way to the winner’s circle a few times on his way to the 2012 Championship.

Mustang GT500 vs. Camaro ZL1 Match Race – Atco Raceway July 13th, 2012

Something many of us have been waiting to happen for quite a while!! The speculation will end and the Mustang vs. Camaro score will be settled at Atco Raceway on Friday night, July 13th.

Crazy Bob Clayton will be behind the wheel of his brand new 2013 Mustang GT500, while an unnamed driver will be bringing his 2012 Camaro ZL1.   Both cars are bone stock, and will make time shots from 6pm-8pm with the scoreboards off.

Match race starts at 8pm! Be there!

If you can’t make it, be sure to check out Atco Raceway’s Youtube Channel for videos of the  match.

June 16th, 2012 – Atco Raceway Super Saturday – Race Recap

Someone did a good job on ordering up the weather for June 16th’s Super Saturday race at Atco Raceway, it could be described with no other word besides… perfect!! One drawback to the perfect weather was the sun beating down relentlessly on the track, as there were barely any clouds in the sky. We saw some high track temps which made it tricky for teams during the second round of qualifying. Rumor has it (and we have to stress the rumor part, did we mention this is only a rumor?) that qualifying for Radial and Outlaw classes may be pushed back later in the day at the next race, similar to what we see at Super Saturday’s counterpart down at Cecil County Dragway.

June 16th,2012, Atco Super Saturday Photo Galleries.  Scroll to the end for qualifying and run sheets.

Outlaw 10.5

This event’s Outlaw 10.5 class was sponsored by Precision Powdercoating, which is headed up by Steve Gorman also of Precision Transmissions in Pennsauken, NJ. Gorman’s sweet red Skinny Kid Mustang has been on fire lately, he earned the #5 qualifying spot with a 4.481@184mph pass. Gorman has been steadily improving this season with some assistance from Jamie Miller, tuning the J&E Powered powerplant and sporting a Pro Torque converter that many a turbo team have been having success with.  Many of Gorman’s friends, family, and work buddies were on hand to enjoy the festivities from the comfort of the Atco VIP suite, which is always available to the event title sponsors. TJ Kasper was back at the track, after scraping the wall at Cecil during last month’s finals, to take the #4 qualifying spot with a 4.424 @ 181mph pass. The #3 qualifier has been in our news a lot lately, you would have noticed his stunning Blue with white stripes ’69 Camaro going higher up on the qualifying ladder and further during eliminations as the race season goes on. That driver would be Lou Sciortino, who’s Musi powered, nitrous-fed ride made a 4.415 pass to earn him a solid #3 qualifying spot. Sciortino has been putting in a lot of wrench and track time, and the work is paying off. In the number two spot was the second half of the Gil Christy Motorsports team, Tom Kasper, with a 4.407 @ 185mph, wheels up qualifying pass. The Kasper & Christy team were hard at work all week on TJ’s car, and were happy to have both cars in the top half of the field. Taking the number one spot for the day was Larry Wood, who came off the trailer and blazed down the track with a 4.256 @ 189mph pass on the first qualifier, setting the bar high early on.

With an 11 car field, the decision was made to go all-run. Starting out eliminations was Mo Hall and our sponsor, Steve Gorman. Mo was deadly on the tree as usual, had the jump on Gorman and never looked back, running a 4.441 to Gorman’s 4.492. Gorman would unfortunately be joining his buddies in the tower for the rest of the day as an onlooker. Second pair was Billy Mitchell vs. Lou Sciortino, two of the hardest working Outlaw 10.5 teams out there. Billy has a great partner and crew chief in his wife Wendy, who pieced this car together on their own and came out to run a 4.397 to take the win against Lou Sciortino, who was off the pace a little bit with a 4.506. Mitchell’s wheels were in the air for this past and we knew we would see some improvement on this new combination, as not much power was in the car. Brad Harris faced Frank Soldridge in his Outlaw Radial car, both having some trouble but Harris would take the win wiht a 4.679@165mph pass. TJ Kasper faced John Fisher’s ’69 Camaro and made it look easy, Kasper a little later on the tree than usual but his 4.391@183 would hold up to Fisher’s 4.540. Charlie Dolbin, winner from last month’s race, faced Tom Kasper. Tommy went .005 red trying to get the jump on Dolbin, Dolbin sported a round best .028 reaction time and 4.388@176mph run to take the win. Larry Wood’s #1 qualifier spot earned him a competition bye in the first round, which he ran the round’s fastest and quickest shot, a 4.328 @ 188.07mph.

The second round of Outlaw 10.5 began with a Fulton powered, Nitrous fed matchup between Mo Hall and Charlie Dolbin. This one was all Mo, a .016 reaction time and a little trouble down the track, but not as much as Dolbin. Mo’s 4.83 at a measly 120mph took the win. Larry Wood probably didn’t touch much in the car between rounds as far as tuneups go, and ran a 4.343 @ 187mph to take the win over Brad Harris’ Mustang, who went 4.745. TJ Kasper put the power in, and would be the first to run quicker than Larry Wood for the day, with a 4.342 pass to take the win over Billy Mitchell’s Vette. Mitchell went a personal best 4.381, which is impressive considering the amount of runs on the car and the conservative tuneup that was in the car. Both Billy and wife Wendy were all smiles on the day, looking forward to the next race to really put the screws to it.

The semi-finals began with the matchup that everyone was waiting to see, the two quickest cars of the day squaring off against each other – TJ Kasper and Larry Wood. Wood began to get squirrely and had to get out of it, TJ Kasper tore down the track for a race quickest 4.274 pass to earn a spot in the finals. Mo Hall made it to the line to take the tree on a bye, and earn his spot to the finals. Mo and crew chief Steve Berger were working their tails off between rounds on the transmission in Mo’s car.

The fans are always excited to see a Turbo versus Nitrous match-up in the finals, and today were not let down. (Let’s face it, we get excited too, that means we have parity in the class and the rulemakers are doing an awesome job!) TJ Kasper lined up against Mo Hall. Mo absolutely killed the tree with a .012 light in the right lane, until he got into some nasty tire shake about 80 feet out and ended up finishing the race in the left lane behind TJ. TJ ran the race fastest pass, a 4.375 at a blistering 190mph, to take home the win for the day, the trophy, and the big $5,000 check.  The Christy & Kasper racing team were elated to be back in the winner’s circle after a not-so-happy ending at Cecil County just a few weeks ago.  K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies and the Kasper family rushed their tails off on the car to get it back to the track ASAP, we’d say they did a damn good job!

Outlaw 8.5

Outlaw 8.5 is an exciting new class, making its first appearance at the Super Saturday series. Like the other heads up classes, this is yet another class where tire is the limiting factor, in this case, all cars are appearing on an 8.5 inch wide slick and running 1/8th mile. Want to see just how small these tires are? Click here to be taken to a picture courtesy of Atco Raceway, comparing tire sizes.  Being our first time covering this class, we had no basis of what to expect as far as elapsed times go. After one round of qualifying, we were hooked! Wayne Welsh had the most interesting appearing ride of the day, an ’85 Ranger, he brought up the rear of the pack with a 6.495. Angelo Valla was pulling double duty between 8.50 Index and Outlaw 8.5, he had some trouble in qualifying with the little tires and came in the 5th spot with a 6.171. Sal Arena ran #4 with a 6.007 @ 122mph. Bringing up the top half of the field in the #3 spot was Anthony Gentiluomo in the Mouth Racing camp with a 5.973@126mph. #2 beloned to Eric Luckenbauer, running a 5.713 @ 121mph. Blowing the doors off the competition in qualifying was Petey Smallblock in the .net Boyz camp, who ran a 5.271 @ 142mph in his beautiful Camaro. Wait a second.. Petey ran with the scoreboards turned on?? That’s a first for us!

The story of the day goes to Petey Smallblock, all around. Petey made quick work of Wayne Welsh in the first round, going 5.206 @ 142mph, earning a bye in the semi finals. He didn’t merely break the beams though, he put the power to it and ran the class fastest and quickest pass of the day at 5.186 @ 142.51. In the finals, it was a classic matchup that you would find on a Grudge racing night, the .net Boyz versus the Mouth Racing camp. Petey took on the #3 qualifier Anthony Gentiluomo. Gentiluomo had a .034 advantage on Petey at the tree, but Petey was able to drive around and take home the win for the day with a 5.499 @ 137mph run. Congratulations to Petey Smallblock and team, with another hard earned trip to the Winner’s Circle.

X275 Drag Radial

With the loyal following that X275 has developed across the country, this explosive class has the leaders of the pack right in our own back yard! Rich Bruder and family, along with the tuning prowess of Mustang Mike Modeste, were once again at the top of the qualifying field in their Procharged Mustang, with a 4.699 at a staggering 159.59mph. At the time, this pass set both ends of the X275 track record at Atco. Right behind team Bruder was Ron Rhodes, another usual face at the top of the qualifying ladder and the last winner at Atco, with a 4.901 @ 144mph pass. Smiling ear to ear after earning the #3 qualifying spot was Brendan Mills, who made a sub-5 second pass for the first time in his racing career, a 4.959 @ 147mph. Brendan’s has really stepped up his game, making vast improvement since being completely overhauled from being a regular in the 10.0 Index class. Brendan has been getting some valuable assistance from John Balinsky at OAB Racing, who keeps making the headlines with his tuning abilities on just about any combination. Crazy Bob Clayton rounded out the top half of the field, also in the 4’s, with a 4.981 @ 142.61mph. Taking the #5 through #8 spots, in order were Dave Valora, Dave Acker, Marcus Thompson, and Vince Palazzolo.

Vince Palazzolo faced Rich Bruder in the first round, and did all he could to get the jump on Bruder. Unfortunately for Vince, that meant going .001 red and fouling out, giving Bruder the win. Bruder ran a 4.847 @ 158mph. Crazy Bob Clayton made quick work of Dave Valora at the tree, with a .041 advantage, and never looked back, his 5.013 pass taking him to the semi-finals to meet Bruder. Ron Rhodes was a bit late on the tree against Marcus Thompson, but made up ground and ran a 4.894 pass, only a few hundreths behind Bruder’s pass of that round. Finishing up the round was Dave Acker and Brendan Mills, Mills went .002 red, but still was high on life for hitting the 4 second range in X275.

Semi final action lined up Rich Bruder versus Crazy Bob Clayton. Clayton went .002 red against Bruder, who had Clayton covered with a 4.739 @ 158mph pass. Ron Rhodes ran a 4.915 @ 143mph after Dave Acker went big time red, -.064.

Final round action brought our #1 and #2 qualifiers to face each other, giving the fans a good show for their money. Ron Rhodes put all the power he could in the car but it was too much, he got back in the gas but unfortunately Rich Bruder was long gone by then, resetting the track record on his pass in the finals with a 4.686 @ 159mph pass. Team Bruder was once again in the Winner’s circle, notching a win for the boosted this month at Atco in X275.


8.50 Index

Fonse Performance and Dependable Landscaping once again brought us 8.50 Index action on Super Saturday, the sponsors for the entire season, putting up a hefty purse for the 24 8.50 Index racers on the property to try and win. Al Fonse had his wheels hanging high all day, and earned the #6 qualifier spot with a 8.531 in his Silver Camaro. Right behind him was Paul Cottone, a familiar face from 10.0 Index, figuring out a new combination in the 8.50 Index class. We’ll have to say that he definitely has it figured out, also running a smooth 8.531 pass for the #7 spot. Rob Poochigian, getting more consistent every outing, pulled in the #8 spot with a 8.547. Alan Davidowski, a reigning champion in 8.50 Index, took the #5 spot with an 8.529. Harry Gerb in the shiney H&J Motorsports Firebird, was right where he usually is in the top of the field, this time a #4 qualifying spot with a 8.528. Marty Brown Jr, aka Lil Man, did a fantastic job behind the wheel and made a near perfect 8.508 pass to take the #3 qualifier spot. Dan Purdy, sat at the top of the list with an 8.507 pass until Mike Romeo came around in the second round of qualifying and put up a perfect 8.500 pass to take the #1 qualifier spot. Romeo, a seasoned veteran and multi-time champion of the 10.0 Index class, has dabbled in 8.50 Index in past races but is here to stay, we’re glad to see him turn up the heat on the class!

There were many passes to note in the first round of eliminations, starting with Marty Brown. Lil Man nailed the tree with an .013 light to take a first round win. Paul Cottone was left behind at the tree but able to drive around Brian Ferrari and upset the seasoned veteran, Cottone’s 8.520 pass was dead on the money to Ferrari’s 8.614. Bill Verzilli with the help of his hard working son and our friend Sue watching from above, took a solid round win with an 8.646 pass and .021 reaction time. Angelo Valla, pulling double duty today, squeaked out a very close win against Zach Obert. Obrt went 8.546 with a .021 reaction time, Valla just got by with an 8.536 and .029 reaction time. Al Fonse made quick work of the tree with an .017 light then lifted as his competition was too far behind, avoiding the breakout. Mark Bowen also doing the same, a .035 light but getting out of it early. Mike Romeo moved on to the next round as his competitor broke at the line.

Romeo was back in action in the second round, taking on the dangerous Craig Buscio. Romeo nailed the tree with a .038 and won with a 8.522 to Buscio’s breakout 8.483. Al Fonse was perfect on the tree with a .000 against Paul Cottone, but Cottone drove around and won in a double breakout situation. Bill Verzilli took out the #2 qualifier Dan Purdy in another double breakout situation, Verzilli 8.479 to Purdy 8.471. Harry Gerb made a single, running it out the back door for an 8.472 to see where he was. Al Davidowski and Mark Bowen were in another double breakout situation, Al had Mark at the tree with a small advantage, and Bowen went too fast trying to catch him. Marty Brown finsihed off the round with a single.

Mike Romeo lined up against Paul Cottone to begin the third round of eliminations, both racers making it through some tough competition to that point. Romeo left with a .016 advantage over Cottone and Paul was not able to get around him, Mike took the win with an 8.570 pass. Lil Man lined up against Harry Gerb from the H&J camp, left on Harry, and took the stripe, winning with an excellent 8.510 run to Harry’s 8.520. Al Davidowski and Bill Verzilli left at near identical times, but Verzilli broke out and Davidowski moved on to the semi-finals to face Marty Brown. Brown was dead late against Davidowski and broke out trying to catch him, Davidowski’s solid 8.510 run with an .017 reaction time earned him a spot to the finals.

As Mike Romeo and Al Davidowski pulled to the beams in the finals, it was anyone’s race, as both racers were seasoned veterans in quite a few classes of racing. The tree dropped, and Al Davidowski left with a mere .001 advantage over Romeo. Romeo caught up, we saw some fender to fender racing, and the win light came on in Romeo’s lane. Romeo ran an 8.509 pass with .015 reaction, to Al Davidowski’s 8.159 with .014 reaction. A fantastic showing in 8.50 Index for both teams, and a well deserved win for the Romeo family.

10.0 Index

Ungaro Brothers racing were on hand to sweeten up the purse in 10.0 Index at Super Saturday, of which 23 cars showed up to try and take home the cash. Mark Plucinski and team were at the top as usual, fresh off some recent wins and taking the #7 qualifying spot with a 10.051. In fact, the top 13 cars in the field were all in the 10.0x range, quite impressive! Billy Gibbs took the #6 spot with the assistance of Bill Dutka, running a 10.046. Doug Frisch was back on the 1320 in his show-ready Nova, taking the #5 spot with a 10.044. Craig Curtis earned #4 with a 10.031, while Harry Lutz went 10.030 for the #2 spot. Bill Gorafsky made the long ride to the track and earned a solid #2 qualifier spot with a 10.027. Carey Cable, no stranger to success in 10.0 Index, was right at the top of the field in the #1 spot with a 10.019 pass.

Impressive passes in the first round of eliminations started out with Steve Verhille, who went 10.013 in the win against Neil Danks. Billy Gibbs was on his game with a 10.094 pass and .026 reaction time. Mo Balduc surprisingly lost with a 10.029 pass, he was dead late against Carl Ungaro who went a 10.075 with a .004 reaction time. Brian Grinnell, driving his father Lee’s wagon, made it out of the first round with a 10.058 pass.

#1 qualifier Carey Cable unfortunately did not make it past round 2, where he was dead late against Brian Grinnell. Brian has been on fire in the wheelstanding Wagon, running 10.058 and 10.074 passes during eliminations, getting past some extremely difficult racers, and making it all the way to the final round to line up against Steve Verhille. Grinnell literally has only 30 something passes ever under his belt, and to go that far in such a difficult class says worlds about the talent he has as a racer. We look forward to covering his entire racing career for the next few decades!  Brian currently works at S&W Race Cars and you’ll see his wagon featured in their newsletter!

Steve Verhille definitely had the best looking ride in 10.0 Index, and something we don’t see often, a ’40 Chevy. Steve Verhille made it through Neil Danks, #2 Qualifier Bill Gorafsky, and #5 qualifier Doug Frisch in his path to the final round against Brian Grinnell. Grinnell killed Verhille on the tree with a .001 reaction time to Verhille’s .066. Verhille did his best to catch him, but gave the stripe to Grinnell and Grinnell broke out, a 9.964 pass to Verhille’s near perfect 9.997 pass, to give Verhille the win for the day.


11.50 Index

We find it hard to write about the Index racers, since between the three index classes, there is not one slouch in the field. The top 12 out of 20 racers were all in the 11.5x range and ready to rock come eliminations time. Rounding out the top 8 was Steve Gurnick with an 11.574, Wayne Roatche in the #7 spot with an 11.565. James Moshier went #6 with a 11.558, Dave Harvey Jr #5 with an 11.534, Jim Schmidt #4 with an 11.522. Peter Huff’s Corvette took the #3 spot for the day, with an 11.521 pass. Out of the Riordan Racing camp, Shawn Riordan ran an amazing 11.504 pass for the #2 spot, only to be ousted by Eugene Lynn Townes, running a perfect 11.500.

Townes would make it all the way to the semi-finals, taking out Ronald Arplajian and Bob Sanders along the way, only to fall to Robert Perrottet. Perrottet, a seasoned racer, sat quietly at the bottom of the field in the #18 qualifier spot, but showing his skill as he made it through Peter Huff, Steve Gurnick, Jim Schmidt, and Eugene Towns, to make it to the final round of 11.50 Index to face Keith Huffman. Huffman, a regular face late in the 11.50 Index rounds, is always on his game and tough to beat. Huffman went .026 to Perrottet’s .042 reaction, and took the stripe to break out with an 11.484 pass. Perrottet was on the brakes at the line to avoid breaking out, and he did just that, winning on the day with an 11.560.

Race Results & Photos – Atco Raceway Super Saturday May 12th, 2012

Atco Raceway kicked off its season of heads up racing with the Super Saturday event held on May 12th, 2012.  The weather was perfect all day and the pits were packed with tons of quality rides, putting on a great racing show.

Click here for picture galleries from the event.

For the first time ever, we were all able to experience heads up racing under the brand new lights at Atco Raceway.  The track management has spent a lot of time and money on track improvements over the off season, lighting up the racing surface like daylight has made a huge difference and we look forward to the continued improvement of the facility!

Don’t forget to visit Dave Milcarek’s web site if you are looking for professional photos to purchase of your ride!

Congratulations to the following winners:

X275: Ron Rhodes

Outlaw 10.5: Charlie Dolbin / Caldwell Motorsports

Outlaw Drag Radial: Bill Dutka

8.50 Index: Adam ‘Guppy’ Sailor

10.0 Index: Joe Winick

11.50 Index: James Moshier

Local Racer, Michael Conway, Passes away

As many of you have known since we discussed this on our Facebook page and many local forums since last week, our friend and local racer Michael Conway has passed away in a series of tragic events.  Mike was very involved with the Corvette Challenge Series at Englishtown before he also stepped over to the 8.50 Index Series that we regularly cover.  In his first year, he came in second place at Englishtown and took the championship at Atco Raceway.    Mike’s infectious smile and big heart will be missed at the track by all of us for years to come.

We put together a photo gallery with shots we had of Mike racing and in the winner’s circle on our Facebook page. Please visit it and share your favorites with Mike’s friends in the racing community.

Viewing services and liturgy information

Calling hours at Freeman Funeral Home, 47 East Main Street, Freehold, on Tuesday, 8/9 from 4 to 8 pm. A Funeral Liturgy will be celebrated at St. Rose of Lima Church, Freehold, on Wednesday, 8/10 at a time to be announced. Interment will be at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Pekin, IL. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation in his memory to a charity of your choice.

July 22nd – Hot Weather Update

Due to the hot weather, Index racing at Englishtown is cancelled for tonight, Friday July 22nd.

July 23rd race for 10.5 Outlaws, 8.50 Index & DR 275  at Atco Raceway is cancelled and rescheduled to Sunday November 13th.

Bracket classes are still running.

Buick vs. Ford Day will be moved to November 27th.

July 1st, 2011 – Atco Raceway 10.0, 11.50 Index

As Atco Raceway was kicking off a big weekend for the Summer Series, we had our latest installment of heads up racing.  In 10.0 Index, our friend Mark Plucinski was dialed in as usual, taking the number one qualifying spot with a 10.010 pass.  Mike Colo and Lee Grinnell were right behind Mark, taking the #2 and #3 spots, respectively.  Mark made his way through a tough field to the finals, where he faced many-time champion Mike Romeo.  Mike threw away the race with a red light, but he had no chance on the planet to beat Mark, who earned his win for the day with a dead on reaction time and a 10.005 pass – probably the best 10.0 Index package we have seen in quite a long time!

In 11.50 Index, 15 cars battled for top qualifying spots and the coveted first round bye.  Today, those honors went to Barb Lutz, who went an amazing 11.501 pass.  Keith Reis and Nick Berty were right behind her in the #2 and #3 spots.  Towards the top of the field were a few Harvey’s as usual, always around ready to take home some round wins.  Barb had a great pass in the first round, but was off the pace and knocked out in round #2.  Nick Berti was only on the positive side of the index once during eliminations, but his breakouts were always closer to the Index than his opponents’.  In the final, Berti eliminated Keith Reis to take home the win for the day.

See the photo galleries from the July 1st, 2011 race here

5/21/2011 Atco Raceway Race Recap – 8.50 Index, X275, Outlaw 10.5

It was nice to get back to the track, between Mother Nature and some personal obligations throwing a wrench in our plans, we have been missing out on racing coverage.  Today at Atco Raceway we had both some exciting racing, and some more wrenches being tossed.  Saturday’s race featured 8.50 Index, Outlaw 10.5, and X275 Drag Radial.  Because of a nasty crash, a few cleanups, and a packed house, we ended up being about 2 hours behind on the racing schedule. To add insult to injury, the skies opened up early in the evening, soaking the racing surface.  With the sunlight gone and the amount of time it would take to dry, the race was called after the first round of eliminations.   No fault to the track, these kind of days just happen for us unfortunately, especially as of late with all of the wet weather. 

Click here for the 5/21/2011 Atco Raceway Picture Gallery

Click here for the link to discuss this race in our forums

X275 Drag Radial 

We really admire the X275 guys – getting these cars to hook and shoot down the track is pretty difficult, the drivers are often fighting to keep the front ends down, or from doing 60 foot burnouts.  Mike Cerminaro is back in action with a Nitrous combination and took the #1 qualifier spot during the first round of qualifying with a 5.310 @ 133mph.  Rich Bruder, #1 qualifier from the last race, was right on his tail with a 5.341 @ 140mph pass.  In the second qualifying round, Craig Walls came out with a setup good enough to take the number one spot with a 5.298 @ 137mph, in a field full of tough competitors.

Craig Walls drew John Ashnault in the first round of eliminations.  Ashnault and the Disomma team have been working hard to get down, unfortunately they lit up the tires at the onset again and Walls’ .032 light and 5.284 @ 138mph earned him the win.  We saw Ashnault and team at E-town on Sunday, continuing to test and tune.  Walt Pfister turned on the red bulb leaving .031 early against Ron Rhodes, Rhodes not making a full pass but he’ll take the win.  Brendan Mills had a great leave on Rich Bruder with a .013 light, Bruder no slouch with a .023 drove around Mills for the race fastest elapsed time of 5.042 @ 144.38mph. Wrapping it up on a broke bye, Mike Cerminaro puts it on the bumper to about 100 feet out which slows him down a bit, running a 5.748 @ 126.

8.50 Index

8.50 Index as usual had a great showing, with each team showing up with a show quality car and putting on a great race for the fans. Many of these teams have enough data on their cars to roll them off the trailers, put a tuneup in, and make a great run.  This was definitely the case for Craig Buscio, who brought out the Nova and put up an 8.511 in the first round of qualifying.  That time would be challenged in the second round, but would hold up and Craig kept the #1 spot for the day.  In the second round of qualifying, the Fonse Performance team moved up from #3 to #2 with an 8.518.  Harry Gerb improved from #6 to the #3 spot with an 8.532 pass.  The top 8 out of the 15 car field were all in the 8.50s!  But as most of you know, these 8.50 racers are professionals and elimination order often does not matter much when it comes to who hits the winner’s circle.

Mother Nature dumped on 8.50 Index in the middle of round 1 of eliminations, please visit Atco Raceway’s web site for any information regarding rescheduling / results decisions.
8.50 Index Qualifying Round 1
8.50 Index Qualifying Round 2
8.50 Index Ladder

Outlaw 10.5

Team South Jersey was in the house, with local racers making up half of the 11 car qualifying field.  Traveling from out of state and much appreciated by all of us for coming to our neck of the woods was Mo Hall, Charlie Dolbin/Team Caldwell, Scotty G, Lou Sciortino, and Dale Collins Jr.  The first round of qualifying seemed to be an information gathering exercise, with teams a little off the pace and trying to get a read on the track. Early in the round, Scotty G made a great pass with a 4.503 @ 164mph.  TJ Kasper and team do a good bit of testing at Atco, their home track, and it showed as TJ went a 4.395 @ 182 to take the #1 qualifier spot after one round of qualifying.  In the second round, it would be his old man, Tommy Kasper, who turns the wick up and goes 4.356 @ 180 to take the #1 qualifier spot in Outlaw 10.5 for the second race in a row, knocking Kid Kwik to #2.  Scotty G improved on his previous elapsed time and also held on to #3 with a 4.484 @ 164.  Mo Hall did what he needed to make it into the show at the bottom of the field with a 4.998 @ 160, with everyone knowing his car is more than capable of blowing the doors off the rest of the competition.  Steve Gorman, fresh off his last win at Cecil County, was in the middle of the field in the #4 spot.

First round of eliminations brought us an amazing matchup with Tommy Kasper versus Mo Hall.  Mo and Tommy leave virtually at the same time (.001 difference), Mo shooting down the track with the candles lighting up nice and bright.  Tommy had the upper hand, running a 4.346 @ 181 to take the win over Mo’s 4.570 @ 167.  Steve Gorman went back to the pits kicking himself for going .009 red against Lou Sciortino.  Sciortino made a very respectable pass at 4.456 @ 178.   Dale Collins gets off the line .032 ahead of TJ Kasper with a .025 reaction time, but TJ is able to drive around Dale and wins with a 4.447 @ 178mph, to Dale’s 4.585 @ 171.  Finishing up round 1 was a great race win coming from the Scotty G camp.  Scotty was up against Brad Harris, the round was all Scotty. Scotty has a .018 reaction time and puts up a 4.386 @ 168 elapsed time, the fastest nitrous pass of the day, to Harr’s 4.574 @ 165 pass.

Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Round 1
Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Round 2
Outlaw 10.5 Ladder

In Other News….

Tommy Mauro was involved in a bad wreck while piloting Jim Lawson’s Mustang.  From what we can gather and in a preliminary investigation by the race team, something in the driveline locked up and sent the car into an uncontrollable spin and roll in between the 1000 foot mark and the 1/4 mile finish line.  Tommy somehow walked away from the wreck, the car was not so lucky.  We’re happy to see Tommy in one piece and wish the best to him and the Venomous Motorsports team, we hope to see them all back at the track when they are ready. Click to see the sequence we captured.

4/15/2011 Atco Raceway Event Recap

Finally, racing!! Because of a big race on Sunday and prep time that was required for it, we had a rare Friday race at Atco Raceway where there was an afternoon of testing included with night time race entry. As far as days go, it worked out in that regard, since Saturday was a monsoon and would have been a total washout.. so I am happy we at least got SOME racing in.

Due to the plummeting temperatures and also a nasty crash courtesy of the No Time crowd, unfortunately for all, the night ended short with only qualifying finished up and no eliminations run. We’ll have better luck when these events are normally run on Saturdays, plenty of time in then. With the cool weather all day though, did come the benefit of more power from just about everyone. While we didn’t see any eliminations, we still had a good show and so did the crowded stands.
We had some Outlaw Drag Radial appearances, as a few teams took the opportunity to test. Bill Dutka was out testing in the Outlaw 10.5 class with his new setup, his car has been completely reworked by the masters at J&E Automotive including a bit of chassis upgrades. He’s sporting the multi-color front at the moment as things are still getting buttoned up, we are liking the look and the new turbo placement!

Alex VrettosAlex Vrettos was out to test as well, we saw him have major success with his new setup at the end of last season. He and the CoRuPt boys are back to try and reset as many records as they can this year! During testing though, Alex had an unfortunate incident where he got loose and got dangerously close to Brad Harris in the left lane. Luckily, both drivers are superb and Alex was able to avoid a crash, and bring the car to a stop just barely tapping the right side wall. Damage is minimal and he’ll be back in no time. Click here to see the whole sequence.

Bill VerzilliIn 8.50 Index, we had a great showing, always tough for them to interrupt life and make it to the Friday night race series. Right out of the gate in the first qualifier, we saw 4 cars in the 8.50x range – Mark Bowen, Adam Sailor, Mike O’Sullivan, and Bill Verzilli. Verzilli had top honors with an 8.506 @ 161.23mph which held up through the second qualifier and he will take the pole position come eliminations. If qualifying was any indication of the close racing we will see this season, we are pretty excited! The top TWELVE out of the eighteen cars that showed up were all in the 8.5x range!! We saw a few new faces in the field but most of the veterans from past seasons are back and there’s no way to forecast a winner in this field yet again this year, the competition is too close. Check out the picture gallery to see the Fonse Performance Camaro in a slick new silver / black striped paint job !

Larry RhodesX275 is probably the fastest growing heads up class in the country, with a lot of teams coming out with new combinations and trying to get some baseline tuning information. It’s especially tricky for teams on a cold night, as the power is easier to make but getting it down the track on those little tires is not. We had 9 X275 cars on Friday, some old faces, and some new. Brendan Mills is both an old face from the 10.0 Index crowd, but a new face to the 275 crowd. He had a great showing with his new setup and ended up in the #4 qualifying spot with a 5.543 @132. Kyle Buonocore takes #3 with a 5.395 @ 139, and Craig Walls goes #2 with a 5.373@136.28. Taking the top honors for the night was Rich Bruder, laying down a solid 5.155 @ 150.01 mph pass in the first round of qualifying. Ron Rhodes was in the house but at the bottom of the field, finishing on the bump spot – for sure he will be improving during eliminations. Tony Mullin was making some hits in Tom Wood’s Buick, checking out the clouds like Tom is used to. On motor he went 6.177 @ 111.35, not bad for a 3400 pound ride!.

Tom KasperThere’s no need to travel the country to see some of the best looking and best performing Outlaw 10.5 cars in the country!! They all live and race in our back yard!! We had 11 entrants to Outlaw 10.5 on Friday, including some of the Outlaw Drag Radial boys getting in on the action. Since the air was so good, these guys were making some great power and had to really finesse the tuneups to get down the track. Our good friend Mo Hall was in the house, he did not get a clean pass on the first round, but went deep into his tuning bag of tricks and snatched the #4 qualifier spot in the second round with a 4.351 @ 170.47mph. Judging by when his candles lit up, it was a soft tuneup compared to what we are used to – Mo has a lot more there for us when the track can hold it. The other lone nitrous car driven by Charlie Dolbin was right above Mo in the #3 spot, with a 4.326 @ 163.83 pass.

In the boosted world, Buck Jarvis came out in the first round and made a great 4.418 pass but unfortunately hurt something, we don’t have the specifics but it did keep him out of round 2. Tom Kasper rocketed down the track with a 4.307 at an astounding 184mph in the first round to snatch the #1 qualifier spot early. In the second round, his son TJ had something for him – he layed down a 4.258 @ 184.72mph to grab the #1 qualifier spot, but not for long, as the old man ran a 4.249 @ 183.47 mph pass right behind him to take that #1 spot back. Both Christy & Kasper cars are sporting some new Mickey Thompson vinyl on the sides and representing Precision Turbo well!

Tommy MauroTommy Mauro made an appearance and his ride was looking good, but also running good, he ended up #6 wth a 4.554 @ 162.63mph. Steve Gorman was shaking the cobwebs off and figuring out his tune, he is #7 with a 4.691 @ 170.71mph. Ending up on the bump spot was Dale Collins, Orlando Champ, with a 4.759 @ 163.65. Surprisingly not qualified was Larry Wood, Brad Harris, and Vinny Fiore, we are sure we’ll see these guys at the top of the field in no time fast.

Click here to visit our event coverage forums and read all about the event, and find the link to our full picture galleries.

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