Same look.. new feel to the site

We’ve made a major change on how we deliver content to the front page / news pages to the website.  Instead of having to do manual editing of the actual web page files, we now have a database powered content management system that will make it much easier for us to deliver content through the news pages, as well as deal with search engine optimization easier.

Before, when we typed certain words in a news article, we had to add hyperlinks for each and every instance of certain words.  Now, we can just type things like Verzilli, Atco Raceway, Harry Gerb, Newsham, Rhodes, Kasper, Fonse Performance, and the links are generated automatically by the system.  I know, lots of nerd speak, but trust me, it’ll be better for you AND us in the long run.

Also, have fun with the new “share” and “like” buttons to spread the word on your favorite social media site.

Any problems or questions, let us know!

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