Saturday, October 1st 2011 – Live from Cecil County Dragway

Live feed for Saturday, October 1st  – Finishline Performance / Cecil County Dragway Outlaw Street Car Shootout.
For popout chat window, please visit this link. I suggest you join the chat as the viewers and track staff will be there to give you info, plus, it’s pretty fun 🙂 Also, that’s the only way to report any troubles or if you have any problems with audio levels, etc..


Just warning you now, I may need to kill the feed and reboot everything at some point in the afternoon before eliminations happen, as the software is kinda buggy.

I got a new camera off ebay to fix the blurry starting line camera, it’s not as good, but it is clear at least. Also got updated version of the feed software that is hopefully more stable.

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