April 26th 27th, 2013 – Atco Raceway Index Classes – Race Recap

Atco which has undergone some major cosmetic changes with the wall behind the burnout box and the smaller tower being torn down. Atco now has a different look as the cars come down the lanes and make a right into the burnout box. A much needed change in my opinion that opens up the track view. The index racers ran along with NHRA’s Super Stockers, Stockers, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street cars at the NHRA National Open sponsored by PC Richard.

The weather couldn’t be any better for the fans and racers with no clouds in the sky and a nice mid 60’s temperature! It was a good day for some racing!

Be sure to check out the entire gallery of the Index Classes at Atco!

11.50 Index

11.50 Index saw 12 cars battling for the top spot with David Harvey Jr running the closest with an 11.517 with James Moshier and Bob Sanders running close behind with a 11.518 and 11.520 respectively. Once eliminations started it was a battle of reaction times as most everyone who moved onto round 2 had a better reaction time than there opponent other than James Moshier who was able to run down Lynn Townes with his 11.517 over a slower 11.571. Round 2 saw the #1 qualifier David Harvey Jr. take out # six qualifier Joseph Trantas, Bob Sanders taking out Keith Huffman and James Moshier taking treeing John Grob Jr to move onto round three. Round three saw Bob Sanders and James Moshier running for a chance to move to the finals and both cars ran under the 11.50 Index but Sanders running closer with his 11.498 to Moshier’s 11.487. David Harvey Jr. had a bye into the finals and he ran under the 11.50 as well with a 11.488 and a -.008 reaction time.

In the finals we saw Bob Sanders and David Harvey Jr. Unfortunately Harvey Jr. fouled away his chance at a win going .017 red. Bob Sanders saved his best run of the weekend with an 11.509 to take home the 11.50 win and a wally!

10.0 Index

10.0 Index had 12 cars come out and battle for the 10.0 Index class as well with Harry Lutz in his 1968 Camaro take the top spot with a 10.004 to take the top qualifying spot! Jim Harvey was right behind with a 10.010, Doug Frisch’s 10.015 was #3, Billy Gibbs who was running the 88 Monte Carlo who came out Saturday morning for the last qualifier took the #4 qualifying spot with a 10.016 in his only attempt, Ed Riordan Jr ran a 10.018, Brian Grinnell 10.024, Carl Ungaro 10.062, Al Broan ran 10.062, Keith Reis Jr 10.076, Paul Revaitis 10.113, Jack Mullin 12.054 and Steven Silver rounded out the qualifying with a 9.999. The story here in 10.0 Index was that is Steven Silver and Ed Riordon Jr. These two racers worked hard to finish up there respective cars to make it out to Atco. In the first round Steven Silver from the bottom of the ladder took on #1 qualifier Harry Lutz and both cars ran very close together with a 10.014 for Silver and a 10.015 for Lutz but Lutz fouled away the win going .010 red. Ed Riordan Jr. was up next against Al Broan. broan broke so Riordan Jr ran it out to a 9.985 to move onto round two.

In round two Riordan Jr was up against Jim Harvey who was qualified #2 and Ed took the win with a 10.048 over Harvey who fouled. Steven Silver and Carl Ungaro both fouled in round two but Silver only went .006 red compared to Harvey’s -.014. Silver ran a 10.004 in round two to move to the semis. In the semis Silver has a bye to the finals so he ran it out with a 9.990. Riordan Jr. and Keith Reis Jr met in the semis with Riordan Jr. going a .001 on the tree with a 10.007 to take out Reis Jr who ran to quick with a 9.946.

The finals saw Riordan Jr and Silver meet with both going red and with Steven Silver taking out his friend Ed Riordan Jr. with a 10.007 to Ed’s 10.009. Congratulations to Steven Silver on his 10.0 Index win and wally at Atco Raceway.

8.50 Index

8.50 Index only saw 8 cars in the field at Atco. Angelo Valla in his beatuful Corvette took home the top qualifying spot with an 8.502, followed by Dan Purdy with an 8.515, Al Davidowski 8.519, Joe Albrecht 8.532, Delon Pleasants 8.537, Alfonse Magliocco in his Fonse Performance 93 Camaro was number 6 with a 8.550, Zach Obert followed with a 8.567 and Dennis Moore rounded out the field with an 8.598.

First round Joe Albrecht in his Monte Carlo was up against Delon Pleasants with Joe moving on with an 8.588 against Delon’s 8.604. Angelo Valla the number one qualifier was up against number eight qualifier Dennis Moore and Valla moved on with an 8.628 over an 8.647. Dan Purdy in his very clean 2002 Camaro ran Zach Obert with Dan Purdy running a perfect 8.500 to take down Zach Obert’s 8.571. The Fonse Performance 93 Camaro was up against number 3 qualifier Al Davidowski and Alfonse took the win here going .009 on the tree and running an 8.529 over Davidowski’s 8.565.

In the semis we had Joe Albrecht and Angelo Valla meet with Albrecht taking the win with an 8.528 over Valla who ran to quick with an 8.498. Dan Purdy and Alfonse Maglocco met up in a battle of Camaro’s with Dan Purdy running an 8.510 to Alfonse’s 8.529.

The finals saw Joe Albrecht and Dan Purdy with Joe treeing Dan with an .014 light to Dan Purdy’s .130. This is where the race was won with Joe Albrecht running 8.610 with the faster 8.509 of Purdy’s.

Congratulations to Joe Albrecht in his 8.50 Index win and wally at Atco Raceway!

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