2019 YellowBullet.Com Nationals Kids Contest

You’ll always find great heads-up racing at the Yellowbullet.com Nationals, and at Cecil County Dragway… that’s never in question.

What goes on off the track on Sundays at this race is the best example of the family that we’ve all become over the years; and personally, our favorite part of the weekend. It signifies everything that Monty, Maria, David, Jim, Cathy, Dave, and every other person that has a hand in putting this race together stand for. There is no way for us to gather the right amount of words to explain the kindness, generosity, and feeling of family and camraderie displayed during this short few hours of a long weekend.

Monty and Maria hold a contest for the kids – a beanbag toss contest – which give the winners some awesome prizes to go home with. The whole time the contest is going on, the kids get sugared up via a table full of theater-sized candy boxes, and Monty is giving out shirts and other items provided by the generous sponsors and race teams attending the race. Patty and Maria are the official score keepers and keep track of the dozens of kids’ names and final results. They’ve watched the kids grow up over the past decade and move a foot back each year; cheering and encouraging them on the whole time.

Monty and Maria’s trailer comes loaded to the race with toys – not only do the winners of the contest win great prizes, but every kid goes home with something new for the toy chest. They open their checkbook to the local toy stores and bring as many toys as they can possibly fit with them.

This year we ended up with quite a few ties – the kids have definitely been attending some test sessions over the years! It was a close contest but the victors prevailed.

We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did taking them.

Thanks again to
-the Hard racing team for all the shirts
-Salvato Designs for the backpack giveaway
-Fletcher Cox for the autographed jersey
-all of the sponsors that gave cash prizes and made this happen (our apologies for not naming you specifically if we forgot – we mean no disrespect!)

See the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GoneDragRacingcom-79379698817/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10157402027418818

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