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More Features And News From The Northeast Now !!Welcome To GoneDragRacing.com

First we'd like to thank you for stopping in and visiting our new website that we'll be striving to improve on a much larger scale as the season grows with our coverage of events, photos, videos, and member input. We hope you'll be pleased with the easy navigation from the main menu, our site map linking detailed content to lead you through the area races as the series venues begin their racing season in the tri state area and farther.

We now have a space to update quickly and save for you to view at anytime you wish for references of driverís accomplishments, status of racing events completed and full photo and video coverage with as much input as we can possibly give you.

The Northeast is still the prime area for hardcore Heads Up racing with more tracks taking advantage of racers hungry for a place to call their own, be featured, spotlighted and all around viewed at the Northeast's largest source of racing news. Inside our website and coverage area's you'll find hundreds of race reviews by members of the GoneDragRacing staff and media from series leaders and owners.

With the internet as a means of communication, the area's sources have been basically user input, more tracks have allowed camera's, videos, and posts of racing results in many forms. The internet has changed over the years with faster updates and quick results in a different way, maybe less detailed but more inclined to get you the news fast and move on to the next event which there are many this 2009 season. We hope to give you a more detailed look into the racers, with reviews submitted by the staff, members, and media releases with major interests in all the "Heads Up Classes" and various links to potentially the best reviews we can find that will span more than our localities the staff will be heading to.

Much of GoneDragRacing is available to you as a visitor but more content of previous race reviews, forums, classifieds, general information and more is available to members of GoneDragRacing's Community here and extended from its network.

A simple registration procedure is all that is needed and now you can communicate, add content and join in what is going on as this website opens the doors for more input we'll be taking from memberís postings, racers updates / press releases and much more.

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Inside The GoneDragRacing Forums:
An Overview of What's Inside

Inside The GoneGragRacing ForumsJust about every website on the planet now has a forum or at least starts out this way, GoneDragRacing is no different. Each forum is user friendly and interactive with other members, polls, announcements and user input is what makes it whole. A PHPBB driven forum is in use here with complete control over you own posting and profiles, private messaging and more that is included with almost all types of "Chat Forums or Message Boards". GoneDragRacing is a moderated forum by a team of assistants with emphasis on an environment you can be proud to be a part of.

As the sport becomes more of a high stakes game, forum conduct always shows how you're perceived in general not only to your fans but sponsors, prospected sponsors and racers in general you'll be next to inline at the tree one day. The forums include Track Schedules, Sponsors Index's, Race Series devoted to the fans of "Heads Up Racing", Free Classifieds for anything, Photo and Video Sharing between members and outside links from what a user feels like for the day, Driver Profiles which now will become a part of the main website as you complete one to say thanks or give specs on your ride and of course General Chat where you can just talk about anything.

Most forums have consistent postings from seasoned members and it takes time to build a user database but this website is in its youngest stage and has progressed immensely in part of the fine staff and member contributed video and photography people come to see. It's always hard to get racers to talk, but rest assured they are viewing just looking for that little piece of information or talk that will make them want to compete harder at each race.

Forums are a melting pot of personalities, general information and even better; professionals that have the experience to help you along the way to improve. There are millions of forums to choose from, we'd like to share in this with the broad community of forum users also. Please feel free to join in and post your own idea's, thoughts, tech and info at all times and interact with area members at will.

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GoneDragRacings Photo / Video Galleries:
Driven By Coppermine

Driven By CoppermineGoneDragRacing.com and its members make use of the latest version of the Coppermine Gallery. Not only is it filled with exceptional photos by members and Staff Photographer "Seth" but also includes streaming video by contributors like Arnie Cohen, Carey Cable Jr. and George "Zlumlord" to name a few, some of the best there are in this field.
There are thousands of high quality photos and videos to browse through with result sheets from races past and upcoming for a quick look at who did what plus a feature that is built in where the members can upload and post from one source without using an outside service in the forums and share with other members and friends.

The gallery feature does it right from home with a few simple clicks and you can create your own user gallery personalized for you or a project journal of what you are building or helping to build. A great way to share digitally with forum friends and members.

GoneDragRacing.com's Photo / Video Galleries, Click Here

Our Thanks To Our Website Sponsors:
Greatly Appreciated And More

Thanks To The GoneDragRacing SponsorsWith todayís rising costs of everything and a website that is growing, sponsors are a necessity for one starting out with race coverage and doing it on a basis of bringing you quality and quantity after a race. Many cringe at the idea of a sponsor aided website but it's a common mistake thinking they are the all powerful when it comes to content.

What GoneDragRacing does see in its sponsors is a drive to improve the performance and need for services through this website to help racers and fans find what they need fast, most offering discounts annually also.

No one should fear a sponsor supported website other than the poor competition that lays its products at your feet and disappears, most if not all of the GoneDragRacing sponsors have a stake in the racing as they sponsor series also so you not only get the most from their support but the proper information regarding the events they share their hard earned dollars with through the loyalty of the members and racers taking advantage of the sponsors knowledge and lust to go fast or look good and be safe while you also enjoy the sport. Don't be fooled that a website can be taken over by the sponsors when they are the ones who will imminently be producing a product or a race series that they and you will benefit by for years to come. Our Special Thanks To All at this point and in the future. View Our Sponsors Directory

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