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First Annual Nationals
Weekend Full of Racing Action! Nationals - Cecil County Dragway YellowBullet.Com along with Cecil County Dragway and Finishline Performance outdid themselves on Labor Day weekend, bringing race fans from all over the world to the first annual Nationals. Check out our detailed Photo Galleries of the event including over 1300 images! The weekend was full of drag racing action, including seeing the record reset in X275 Drag Radial by Chris Evans, and Outlaw 10.5 record smoked by Tim Lynch. Be sure to check out the Event Coverage forums for results while we work to get our front page news updated.

Word is that the second annual Nationals WILL RETURN to Cecil County Dragway on Labor Day Weekend, 2011. Mark your calendars now!

Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series
The BEST Heads Up series comes to Atco Raceway

Full Race Coverage and Photo Galleries - Click here!

Ultimate Outlaw Shootout SeriesAs early as Thursday, planes were arriving and trailers were pulling into town with participants and spectators for the latest installment of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series, presented by Pritchett Brother's Racing and title sponsor of the Atco Raceway event, Fresh off a successful race at Milan Dragway, everyone was itching at the chance to see some exciting heads up racing in our own back yard. This race featured over 150 cars in 8.50 Index, 10.0 Index, 12.0 Index, Outlaw Drag Radial, Extreme 275 Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster classes. Our friends Nate and Adam Pritchett rolled out the red carpet for racers and fans to see the best heads up racing series there is.

Dave Harvey Jr. - Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series 12.0 Index WinnerThe 12.0 Index class brought out many of the regular faces we are used to seeing at Atco's regularly scheduled Index Series. Dave Harvey Jr. continued to show everyone why he is the man to beat in 12.0, taking the number one qualifier spot and also winning the race. He sealed the deal with a perfect 12.000 pass in the finals, coupled with a .018 reaction time, is a package that 99.9% of racers would not be able to do let alone beat in a heads up race. Runner-up for the day was Barb Lutz, making a valiant effort cutting through the tough 12.0 crowd.

David Cappolina- Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series 10.0 Index Winner10.0 Index in the Northeast is an extremely tough class to succeed in. Just about every racer has had a win, a #1 qualifier spot, or has run 10.0x during a race in the past year, and they all have a firm grasp on how their cars behave. It was no surprise to see Mike Romeo head straight to the #1 spot after 1 qualifier, the man has been doing quite well in the local series. CJ Ungaro was right there with him, another heavy hitter in the class, followed by the rest of the class who were ready to shift that qualifying ladder a bit. In round #2, CJ Ungaro went to the #1 spot with a 10.003, bumping Romeo's 10.017 down to #3, and Tom Wood sneaking in to the #2 spot with a great 10.007 pass. Half of the field was in the 10.0x range so we were all geared up to see the closest Index class put up some great races. In the end, David Cappolina made it through an impossible field of racers to take home the win for the night, with great passes in eliminations like 10.018 and 10.073.

Mike Pyott- Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series 8.50 Index Winner8.50 Index is an extremely popular class in our area, and we had a great showing of regular faces along with some new ones trying to break in and make a name for themselves, as well as take on the series points leader Mike Pyott and runner-up Luis Martinez. Everyone headed back to the pits after one qualifier, with fresh data in hand and a feel on the track conditions. Scott Shepherd was one of those drivers that made the right moves with his tuneup, coming back in round 2 with an 8.505 pass in his mean looking silver '69 Camaro, to take the 3rd qualifier spot. Points leader Mike Pyott also improved, jumping to #4 right behind Scott with an 8.507. Charles Presinzano slowed 'er down a bit and went from 21st place to #1 qualifier, dead on with an 8.500 pass. Number 11 qualifier on up was in the 8.50s when the field was set, we were sure to see some awesome matchups. Boy, did we ever!! Round 2 brought a HUGE matchup, with Mike Pyott versus #2 in points Luis Martinez. Luis gets the jump on Pyott by .009 seconds, Pyott goes to drive around him and almost does - luckily he did not take the stripe, Luis does and breaks out with an 8.466 to Pyott's 8.472. Pyott goes on to win the event, beating Al Fonse Jr. of Fonse Performance in the finals.

Chris Evans- Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series Extreme 275 Drag Radial WinnerTHE man himself John Sears was on the property, assisting the Pritchett Boys with Extreme 275 tech inspection duties, and also shooting some killer 275 footage. Jason from VP had the track on kill as you can see by the wheelstands that these wild machines were doing! We were all happy to see such an awesome turnout in 275 today, with racers traveling all the way from New York and down to the southern reaches of Maryland. They could have come from all over the country and it wouldn't have affected the outcome, as the man to beat Chris Evans in the 'Big Green' machine had the field dominated. Chris not only took home the win for the day, but also reset both ends of the Extreme 275 records with a 4.964 @ 144.24mph pass during a single in the first round of eliminations. Ron Rhodes of Rhodes Custom Auto made an awesome effort to catch Evans' but was unable to connect where it counted.

Pritchett Brothers' Outlaw Radial / Limited Street class brought in some badass rides from not just the local area, but a few racers came from very far to support the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series and try to take home some cash. Keith Szabo - Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series Outlaw Drag Radial WinnerKeith Szabo rolled in from Georgia in his limited street Mustang to take a crack at the pot, as well as Jason Rueckert from VP fuels in his Procharged '82 Olds. The first round of qualifying put these two men in the #1 and #2 spots, Szabo with a 4.823 and Rueckert with a 5.068 pass. Bill Dutka's J&E powered Malibu was right behind Rueckert with a 5.268. As the day went on and more rubber hit the surface, the brains in the pits got together and found some tuneups in the cars to get down the track. Szabo stayed #1 and improved with a 4.805. John Ballinsky and the OAB Racing crew rocketed down with a 4.964 pass and took the number two qualifier spot. Frances Johnson, the fastest nitrous powered radial car, was right behind the twin turbo OAB machine and ran a 5.008 for the number three spot. Finishing out the top of the field was John Carter's Proline powered Vette, with a 5.013.

Szabo took his #1 qualifier spot and parlayed it into a win for the day, his best pass a 4.749 @ 166.81mph, during the semi-finals.

Scotty Guadagno - Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series Outlaw 10.5 Runner UpGoing into Saturday's race, we all knew that the Outlaw 10.5 class would be off the hook and we'd be seeing the baddest rides on 10.5W's battling it out for a spot in the 16 car field. The Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series definitely delivered!! A total of 21 cars hit the property to duke it out for the $5,000 check, trophy, and bragging rights. In the first round of qualifying, we saw Charlie Dolbin wheeling the Caldwell Motorsports, Fulton powered machine to a blazing 4.378 @ 172mph pass. Team Caldwell has been doing plenty of testing and also their fair share of problems, it was great to see them go A to B and head back to the pits without any damage. Scotty G, fresh off his win at the Milan race, was a tenth off of Dolbin and put up a 4.488 pass. The lone turbo car in the top four spots after round 1, the Proline Racing powered Mustang of Tommy Kasper put up a 4.534 at a blistering 178mph, while Mike Martin aka Burt Reynolds was in the #4 spot with a 4.541.

Charlie Dolbin - Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series Outlaw 10.5 WinnerRound number 2 of qualifying was exciting, as we knew 5 cars would not be in the show today. Charlie Dolbin did not improve on his number one spot, but Tommy Kasper's Mustang did, he moved up past Scotty G to the #2 spot with a 4.463 @ 178.98mph pass. Scotty stayed #3, and Anthony DiSomma came up from #10 to the #4 spot, wheeling a twin turbo '02 Camaro today. Billy Mitchell's S10 continues to improve on his past outings this season and shows up to the party in the #5 spot, knocking Burt Reeynolds down to #6. Mo Hall, Steve Gorman, and Joe Newsham are right there on the behinds of the top 6 guys, ready to rock and roll. Craig Pio, Harry Jarvis, Pete Esposito, Dale Collins Jr, and Larry Wood all did their best to make the show but their efforts were not enough. Charlie Dolbin and Team Caldwell burned through the field all day long, putting up the fastest passes of the class. In the end, it would be Nitrous versus Nitrous, with Scotty Guadagno taking on Charlie Dolbin. Scotty G. went red as Dolbin motored onto a 4.383 pass to take home the win.

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Don't forget, to purchase photos of the event, visit Dave Milcarek's Gallery! Top notch, professional photos that you would be proud to display to family and friends.

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August 4th, 2010 - Atco Raceway 50th Anniversary Celebration
August 8th, 2010 - Cecil County Dragway Outlaw Street Car Shootout
August 15th, 2010 - Atco Raceway - Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series

August 27th, 2010 - Englishtown 8.50, 10.0, 11.50 Index

April 2010 Heads up Racing Recap

Jim Harvey Atco 12.0 Index WinnerApril has been a busy month for racing as all of our major points series are underway! Starting out the season was Atco Raceway with the 10.0 and 12.0 Index program on April 2nd. It was a cold Friday night, but there was plenty of action on the track! Rich Smith in the '86 Cutlass came correct in qualifying taking the #1 qualifier spot with a 12.007. The rest of the field was right on his fender, the top 12 qualifying spots in the 12.0X neighborhood. Rich went rounds until he met up with Jim Harvey in the final. Harvey went 12.001 with a .010 reaction time, which was pretty much impossible for Smith to beat, even with a valiant 12.005 pass.

Tom Wood Wheelstand - 10.0 Index Atco WinnerIn the first matchup of 10.0 Index cars at Atco Raceway, like the 12.0 boys, qualifying was again tight with the top 8 in the field going 10.0X. Carey Cable, making sure the only shade of red he saw that night was from his Nova's paint, came out strong and took the #1 qualifier spot running a 10.010. The regular heavy hitters in 10.0 Index, all with wins under their belts, were sure to give Carey a challenge. Cable made it to the finals where he took on the wheelstanding beast of a Buick, driven by Tom Wood. Tom was also on his game tonight, running 10.039, 10.006, and 10.087 to earn his way to the finals. In the end, he took the stripe with a holeshot win over Cable, Wood goes home with his first win of the season running a 10.022 with a .038 reaction time.

Check out the picture gallery including round results of the April race at Atco here.

Tom Wood Cecil County 10.0 Index WinnerThe 10.0 and 12.0 guys packed it in and headed home for the night, as the Cecil County Dragway / Finishline Performance Outlaw Street Car Shootout was set to start the next afternoon. This year to everyone's enjoyment, the 10.0 and 12.0 guys have been moved into the same Saturday program at Cecil along with the other heads up classes. Carey Cable continued on with business and went #1 qualifier for the second time in 24 hours, this time with a 10.015 pass. Tom Wood also continued on hanging the tires all day to the crowd's delight, taking out tough competition like Lee Grinnell, John Hurst, and Paul Cottone as he made his way through the field to the ifnals. Harry Weber Jr. also made it through a very tough field of racers and met up with Tom Wood in the finals. Harry beat Tom on the tree and headed down the track with a .036 advantage over Wood. Harry tapped the brakes but needed just a tad more on that pedal, he broke out bt 9 thousandths of a second and Tom Wood went on to win his second race in as many days. Tom went home a happy man with some cash, and told us it was time to get some new tires! 10.0 Index has continued on from last season to be the closest heads up fields that we have seen from any other class we cover.

12.0 Index kicked off with an 8 car field, #1 qualifier spot taken up by John Jennings, running a stout 12.028 during qualifying. Cliff Sebring in the Savoy Wagon, a regular at the Street Car Shootouts, brought some happiness to one Cecil County Announcer as he made it to the finals in 12.0 Index. Cliff gave Doug Renshaw a run for his money, both racers taking a nap at the tree but neither leaving with much of an advantage over the other. Doug Renshaw went 12.017 to take home the win for the day.

Harry Gerb H&J Motorsports 8.50 Index Winner8.50 Index got their season debut in the Northeast at Cecil. Lots of these folks have their stuff in order and are easily able to run the number after their crew chiefs put in the right tune. Al Magliocco Jr. out of Fonse Performance, along with the rest of the family, obviously are doing something right in the all-motor 8.50 car. Junior goes 8.505 @ 160mph, taking the number one qualifier spot for the day. Not too far behind him was Jeff Moyer, back in action with an 8.507. Fonse made it through to the semis where he was taken out by Angelo Valla. Harry Gerb from H&J Motorsports started off the day not too shabby in the #6 spot, hoping that the freshly waxed paint and chromed out suspension parts on the Firebird would help him cut through the competition. It certainly did, along with the tuning prowess of Mike Doak, put Harry into the finals next to Angelo Valla. Harry left the line with a .042 advantage over Valla and never looked back, running a 8.592 with the brake lights on at the stripe to take home the win for the day, and also took home a winner's circle picture without Jackie - next time ??

John Schroeder 7.50 Index WinnerNoone was surprised to see who went #1 qualifier this week in 7.50 index - of course it was John Schroeder! This man is just flat out tough and can run the number at will. A 7.534 would do the trick for him today. Schroeder went home with the win for the day with a 7.756, beating out Steve Willingham's 'Stang. Jimmy Reutter and Pete/Vinny pace will be back next month looking to take out Schroeder.

Mike Thompson 275 Drag Radial WinnerOne of the newer and definitely one of the most exciting classes featured at the Outlaw street car shootout is 275 Drag Radial. These boys are making some serious power and have quite a challenge figuring out how to put that power to the ground and go A to B. This year's 275 program at cecil is 1/8th mile, and an 8 car qualified field. To noone's surprise, Chris Evans in the green 'Stang takes the #1 qualifier honors with a 5.126 pass. #1 qualifier in any drag radial class is quite an accomplishment, but these guys don't celebrate until the race is over as anyone can in this class can blow the tires off, at any time, without blinking an eye. Chris Evans made it through round 1, but not the semis as he spins 'em and Ed Thomas takes the win, moving on to the finals. Mike Thompson, a familiar face from the 8.50 Index Program, is testing the waters in 275DR this year. He likes the water, as his car is the most consistent out of the class, which was what he needed to do to take the win over Thomas in the finals. Thompson goes 5.375, 5.339, and 5.345 in eliminations.

Brett Hull Outlaw Drag Radial WinnerOutlaw Drag Radial's #1 qualifier spot went to John Carter in the Proline powered '04 Corvette, running a 5.034 pass. If you haven't already, you need to take a walk over to John's trailer and check out this amazing piece of work! Always fun to see such a high horsepower car rolling out of the burnout box and smoking out the crowd, then Carter rolling down the power windows as he backs up to clear out the inside of the car. Paul Major was in his street car, collecting some points as he awaits the return of his Corvette to the racing circuit. Brett Hull had two singles to figure out his stuff on his way to the finals, and met Quentin Methany there. Methany was out of the gate first but could not get down the track, Hull also was off the pace but he'll take the 5.676 and win for the day.

Chuck Ulsch Outlaw 10.5 WinnerIt was music to everyone's ears as they heard over the PA "Outlaw 10.5 to the staging lanes!" 16 big names in 10.5 showed up for the season opener, and Mo Hall was back in the Fulton powered Camaro to defend his 2009 championship title. Chuck Ulsch and Team Mobley finished #1 with a 4.201 after qualifying, over two tenths ahead of the 2009 champ who went #2 with an impressive 4.429. Some of the big names did not make the 8 car field and were sent back after qualifying to their trailers, scratching their heads to figure out what to do next month. Noone really had a chance against Ulsch's horsepower, but Doug Harris almost made the billion horsepower insignificant in the semi-finals as he treed Ulsch big time, but Ulsch ran him down and won by .04. Mo Hall did not make the final round and Team Mobley took home the win. Jim Halsey told us at the end of the day to keep a lookout for some much faster numbers out of Mo Hall next month. After the race, there were some rule modifications to the Outlaw 10.5 class, to level the playing field in the class. We support what Dave O'Donnell and Jim Halsey do to bring an exciting show to the fans, and we are looking forward to see the outcome of these rule changes at the May 1st shootout.

Check out the picture galleries and round results from the April 3rd Cecil County Dragway / Finishline Peformance Outlaw Street car Shootout here

Englishtown Raceway Park opened the heads up racing season with their 8.50, 10.0, and 11.50 Index Programs on Friday, April 23rd. Raceway Park gave out free tickets to spectators on their web site, be sure to check for this in the future at the next event, which happens to be on Friday, May 21st. Action got underway with the 11.50 Index class, made up of a few racers from Englishtown's Corvette Challenge program, along with some of the 12.0 boys who turn up the dial a bit to run here. Ellis Gray was not fooling around, and put up a perfect 11.500 on the boards during qualifying to take the #1 spot for the evening. John Stankunas was right behind him with an 11.526 pass. Ellis made it through round 1 but was put on the trailer in the semis by Eric Fischer who ran an 11.507 pass, hard for Ellis to beat. John Stankunas, the #2 qualifier, made his way to the finals where he treed Eric Fischer. Fischer tried to run him down and broke out in the process, as well as Stankunas who paced him. Stankunas took home the win for the evening with an 11.487 pass.

Tony Mullin 10.0 Index WinnerWe can't stress enough how tight the 10.0 Index field has been since last season, and through the first two races of the season. Englishtown's season opener was no exception to this rule. The top 8 cars out of the 12 car ladder were 1.065 or better, with David Shen going 10.007 to take the #1 honors of the night. Paul Cottone took his second #2 qualifier spot for the season as well. Mike Romeo, the defending champion, was right behind these two with a 10.019. David Shen kept up the good work, making his way through Ray Wallis Jr., Robert Corujo, and a semi-final bye to the finals. Here he took on Tony Mullin and Tony's fresh orange paint job on the '83 Mustang. Tony cut an amazing .015 light and an even more amazing 10.001 ET to take home the win for the night. Shen also went an impressive 10.007, but factoring in reaction time, had no chance against Mullin. Mullin was teetering on the south side of 10.0 all night with 9.9x passes, he slowed down just at the right time in the night to win the cash.

Gallagher Brothers 8.50 Index WinnerKeith from Finelines will need some rest after taking care of the 17 8.50 teams that came through the gates. An impressive turnout for the 8.50 Index racers brought some impressive results as well, with Angelo Valla running an 8.508 to take the #1 qualifier spot. Harry Gerb was right behind Angelo with an 8.513, don't forget that these two racers faced each other back at the Cecil County 8.50 Index finals a few weeks ago, Gerb victorious for the night. 7 of the 17 teams ran faster than 8.50 and would need to slow it down a bit if they expected to make it through eliminations. Enjoying the perks of being #1, Angelo Valla took a single due to the odd number of cars in the field, only to red light in Round 2 to Shawn Gallagher. The Gallagher brothers started off strong in round 1, Shawn with a 8.534 and .010 light. Shawn was a machine at the tree, with .010, .022, .016, and .010 lights during eliminations. Mike Conway (Super Dave, or Hightower if you wish), the 2009 Atco Track champ, saw his way into the semis against Harry Gerb. Harry got him at the tree, Mike tried to run him down and broke out - margin of victory for Harry was .0005 seconds - daaaaaamn! Harry Gerb met Shawn Gallgher in the finals, all the chrome and paint did not help this time as Gallagher went .010 at the tree and 8.524, a package that Harry's 8.530 and .056 reaction time could do nothing about. The Gallagher brothers were happy to be in the Winner's circle yet again at Englishtown.

Check out the picture galleries and round results from the April 23rd Englishtown Raceway Park Index series

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
GDR Heads South for ORTC

SGMP ORTC FansGDR had the opportunity to avoid the bad weather in the Philly area this past week and head down to South Georgia Motorsports Park for the Outlaw Radial Tire Championship race "The Night the Lights went out in Georgia." This race included a test session the day before, giving races 4 full action packed days of badass heads up racing. As you can see on the left, the stands were packed and this race was huge! Over 80 cars raced in the $20,000 to win 'Radial versus the World' class, as well as tons more in the Extreme 275 class and TRZ Motorsports Ultimate Street Class.

SGMP ORTC Mustang WheelstandWe saw cars pulling in from literally all over the country - New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Ohio, you name it! For many race teams, this was the first race of the year so the pits were busy with activity getting cars ready. On top of that, a bunch of teams were fitting their cars for true ten five tires instead of the 10.5W's they are used to, ready to get their suspensions and tunes figured out during Thursday's test session. Mickey Thompson, a major sponsor of the race, had their trailer setup to show off their tires as well as sell and mount tires for racers on site. We had a good chance to peruse the pits and check out cars that we don't normally see in the Northeast! The track surface at SGMP was on kill; they were constantly dragging and spraying the track all day (and all weekend for that matter) in between classes, and whenever there was down time. Our necks hurt after watching all of the wheelstands headed down track.

SGMP ORTC David Wolfe WinsRadial versus the world was an off the hook competition between drag radial equipped cars along with true 10.5 cars. David Wolfe continued on his successful test session on Thursday and dominated competition, taking the #1 qualifier spot. Not far behind him was Scotty Guadagno's nitrous powered beast. The local Kasper and Christy Kasper racing did not make the field during the 1st and 2nd round qualifiers, still trying to get the chassis figured out on the car that had never run the small tire before. With the expert help of Hank Hill and Steve Petty, Kid Kwik shot up to the #4 spot on Friday from the #34th spot. The entire qualifying field was in the 4.80s or quicker and was extremely tight between the 32 cars! David Wolfe and Scott Guadagno faced off in the finals, with Wolfe taking home the win with his consistent car and a record setting 4.471 @ 174.87mph pass. TJ Kasper notably took quite a distinction with a 178mph run on true 10.5s.

Head over to our forums to read the full event coverage, or go straight to the SGMP ORTC Race Photo Galleries.

Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series / ORSCA North News
Schedule Released, along with new Sponsors!

Ultimate Outlaw Shootout SeriesWe have some news out of the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series camp to bring you this week! The 2010 race schedule has been set and we are happy to share it with you.

The schedule is as follows:
July 10, 2010 - Milan Dragway - Featuring the LS Motor City Showdown
August 14, 2010 - Atco Raceway - Featuring Top Sportsman and Top Dragster
September 18, 2010 - Maryland International Raceway - Featuring the RAM Racing Series
October 9, 2010 - Cecil County Dragway - Season Finale and huge post race party!

This year's schedule promises to bring exciting heads up racing to the Northeast just as it has in the past two seasons. Nate and Adam Pritchett have been working their tails off getting this race series in order for the upcoming season, and have secured the following sponsors:

Marc Schankweiler 275 Drag RadialPritchett Controls has stepped up to be the sponsor of the 275 Drag Radial Class for the entire 2010 season, putting up $1,250 to win for each race! Pritchett Controls is an employee-owned company headquartered in Maryland that provides energy management, security, CCTV, and Lighting systems to large commercial facilities. For more info check out the Pritchett Controls web site. Pritchett Controls will also be the title sponsor for the September 18th race at MIR. You can see the TV coverage from last year's race at MIR at this link

Disomma Racing Outlaw 10.5 MustangCoast Chassis out of Daytona Beach, Florida is back with the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout series this year, sponsoring the Outlaw 10.5 class throughout the season. Pete and Tim over at Coast Chassis will be putting up $5,000 to win at all four races in 2010! Coast Chassis has been around for over 20 years building some of the baddest race cars around, you can see their work in the Northeast by checking out rides like Anthony Disomma's Outlaw 10.5 Mustang or Billy Mitchell's Outlaw 10.5 pickup. Coast is about to release a wicked Outlaw 10.5 car that we guarantee you have never seen before! They are also putting the finishing touches up on the Pritchett Brother's racing Outlaw 10.5 Mustang.

In 8.50 Index, A&W Performance will be putting up $1500 to win at each race that offers 8.50 Index Racing.
Stay tuned to the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series web site as well as GDR for more information on this exciting race series!

Local Racing Community Loses a Dear Friend
Susan Verzilli Passes Away January 16th, 2010

Sue Verzilli Passed AwayOur community logged on to the forums this past Saturday to find the extremely saddening news that our friend, Sue Verzilli, had passed away. Sue was a devoted wife to her husband, Billy, and loving mother to children Kim and Billy. We all remember Sue's dedication to the local 8.50 Index Circuit as well as the entire community. She always had a smile on her face at the track whether times were good or bad, and took the time to welcome everyone into her extended racing family. We had the pleasure of featuring Sue and Bill's Camaro as the August 2009 GDR Race Car of the Month, where we spent a couple of hours with Sue and family. That afternoon as well as time spent on and off the track will remain in our heart and minds forever. Sue was without a doubt one of the nicest people to live on this earth, and we will all have an empty space in our hearts with her gone.

Please visit the Verzilli Racing Web site to leave a tribute to Sue. 2010 Calendars Available
Check out the GDR Store

2010 Drag Racing CalendarsYes folks, once again, we are offering calendars featuring photos from the 2009 Race Season. We are offering calendars featuring all of the local heads up racing programs, as well as some specialty calendars. You'll find action from all of the local tracks including Englishtown Raceway Park, Atco Raceway, and Cecil County Dragway. Our most popular Calendar this year is the 2010 GoneDragRacing Pro Mod Edition, featuring a sunset picture of Jim Halsey's 5 second Nitrous Powered Pro Mod at Cecil County Dragway.

Be sure to visit the GDR Store and check out the calendars!

2009 Shakedown at E-town
Off the hook!

Dave Hance Outlaw Drag RadialNot even Mother Nature could stop the biggest and baddest doorslammer race in the country! The 2009 Shakedown at E-town once again set the bar higher than ever for racers and fans alike. We saw some new world records set as the hottest door cars around shot down the famous Englishtown Raceway Park quarter mile.

Mark of GoDragRacing.Org and WTF Web Design once again pulled out all the stops on the Shakedown at E-town Home Page where you will find copious amounts of race results and multimedia from the entire weekend!

Also be sure to check out the GDR Shakedown Galleries to see our perspective of the race, and hit the forums for race coverage! You will find galleries from all classes; Speedtech Outlaw Pro Nitrous, Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5, K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street, Pro Torque Outlaw Drag Radial, Western Beef 8.50 Index, and Lend America Blown Pro Modified. Oh yeah, don't forget the intense Barwa Outlaw 1/8th mile challenge.

This just in!!! Shakedown at E-town Crew shirts are available for sale! Hit the Shakedown at E-town Home Page for ordering information.

See the Racing News Archives for 2008 & 2009 Race Season Coverage

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